This Week’s Best Personal Finance Tips and Must Reads #07

April 7, 2017
best personal finance tips and must reads
Hi again and welcome to another Weekly Notes in SavingsPinay where I gather the best personal finance tips and must reads you can soak in for the weekend. Let’s widen our financial knowledge one link at a time, shall we? I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s Weekly Notes #07 | The Best of Personal Finance Tips and Must-Reads.

But first…

I hope you are already part of the SavingsPinay Community on Facebook. This week I will be uploading an exclusive video for the reader members of SavingsPinay about stock investing 101. I want you to have access to that video too. Make sure to CLICK HERE and join the group.


Aside from the video you can also do the following within the community:


1. Share your ideas. If you have a tip on how to save, how to budget and how to make money…feel free to share.
2. Inquire your Money Issues. If there are things that bothers you financially like where to invest in the Philippines or How to Worry Free Invest in the Philippines then ask and the members will be glad to answer.
3. Network with other financial bloggers. This community is created most especially for bloggers out there (Pinay or foreign) that wants exposure on their contents!!!


Do you miss my Monthly Quick Recaps and Income Reports?

If yes then no worries, I will be making a come back of that post at the end of April. I’ve been meaning to tell you a significant change in my blog earnings thanks to Google Adsense and I believe a blog update and income report is necessary. Hope you can stay tune with that.



This Week’s Best Personal Finance Tips and Must Reads:


2. Be inspired with this Millionaire Net Worth Update from I The Corporate Slave

3. Here’s a detailed post for French Embassy: Applying for a Tourist Visa from Pinas for Good

4. Read a wise answer on a reader question about financial discipline from Randell Tiongson

5. Watch a video blog explanation of 52 Week Saving Challenge from Investing in Philippines




I do hope you enjoy This Week’s Best Personal Finance Tips and Must Reads installment.

How is your finances this week?

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