Where To Best Invest Your Money This 2018

February 8, 2018

In today’s quick post we’ll dive into the topic of where to best invest your money this invest your money 2018


The start of the New Year offers great promise for everyone. We are all in the hope of a better life especially in the area of finances.


I received a couple of questions from readers, colleagues and friends as to where they can best invest this 2018.


Some had just received their year-end bonus while others just got promoted and have excess cash ready to use.


The problem is, they have no clue where to best invest.


Investing can be a daunting task especially for beginners. There are just too many investment vehicles to choose from.


Last year, I made a couple of diversification on my investments. I graduated from mutual fund and went full on the stock market.


Then, before 2017 ends I further diversified and invested in online farming.


Every investment vehicle comes with applicable risk factor. There are no guarantees involved. You are only left with the hope that someday, somehow, the investment you made today is something your future self will thank you for.


Before you make any investment this 2018 I highly suggest to ponder upon these two questions:


Question #1. How ready are you to invest?

Question #2. Why do you want to invest your money?


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How ready are you to invest?


There is a serious difference between saving and investing your money.


Saving is simply putting your money at rest. You save to be able to spend on something within an applicable time frame.

         – You save for a vacation

         – You save for a new bag

         – You save for your kid’s tuition fee next month

         – You save for an emergency fund

         – You save to invest


Investing, on the other hand, is putting your money at work. You invest to get something in return. Mostly, to make your money grow.

         – You can invest in stocks

         – You can invest in mutual fund

         – You can invest in gold, silver or copper

         – You can invest in a business

         – You can invest in a condo unit and rent it to others


Another big difference between saving money and investing money is the risk factor involved.


When you save or put your money in a savings account, there is only a little risk involved.  Your money will not be reduced unless you decide to withdraw and spend it.


Investing has added risk involved because it also give your money a potential to grow in the long term.




Savings = Low Risk, Low Return

Investing = Mid to High Risk, Mid to High Return



Izza, I already saved enough money I’m ready to invest.


Savers are the best type of people to get associated with if you seek financial independence and retiring early.


If you have you have the proper savings, then invest as much as you can.


Towards the end of this post I gave the five best places to invest your money this 2018.


Izza, I have debt but I still want to invest this year!


For those who still have financial obligation to combat, I highly suggest paying down your debt first before making any investment.


Getting debt-free is one of the best money move you do this 2018.


Yes, more than any investment in the world!


When you become debt-free, you are basically reclaiming you’re finances to the universe!


It is a wonderful feeling, like getting a much needed rest after a day of hard work. Or resting your feet after running a marathon wearing high heels.


So pay down your debt first, save a baby emergency fund (1 month worth of your salary can do) then invest your money.


But you say time is my greatest ally, Izza.


There’s no doubt that investing early is the wisest financial advice ever. But as much as I want you to invest now, if it means you will be getting into more debt this 2018, I will have to still say no.


Instead here’s the option I have for you.


1. Pay down your smallest debt. (Or your biggest debt, if you can).

2. On the following month use the money allotted to that debt as your initial investment. You don’t need a lot to start with. Php 5000 is enough to open a mutual fund or invest in the stock market.

3. For every debt you conquer, choose to either save or invest the money on the following month.

4. Live frugally as if baon ka pa din sa utang, only this time you are paying yourself  first instead.


To mitigate the risks involved when it comes to investing your money this 2018, I recommend reading this post – 8 Things You Should Do Before You Invest.


I compiled some helpful steps you should do before you even consider investing your money.  


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Why do you want to invest your money?


As cliché as it may sound, recognizing your “why” is important in every financial decision you will make.


I realized the importance of this question towards the end of 2017 while doing my year-end review.


You see, I have opened so many investment vehicles but I never really set a definite goal for each. I know my mutual fund is for retirement, it’s the first investment I have ever made for my(future)self.


But what about the stocks?


Why am I keeping myself invested in stocks?


How about online farming?


And the rest of the investment vehicles I’ll open in the future? What about them?


Why, why, why?


If you’re ready to invest, I urge you to find your why first.


Here are some common reasons why people invests for your reference:


Reason 1. To build wealth


This is a common goal of every investor. You want your money to build wealth over time by acquiring assets such as stocks, shares, bonds, properties, etc.


Can investing really build wealth for you?


Actually in can through compound interest.


I have tackled the science behind getting rich aka compound interest before but to give you a gist of this eighth wonder of the world, here it goes:


The returns from your investments, actually earns money by itself without you even noticing it.


And the earlier (or longer) your money stay invested and earn returns, the more (and faster) it can build wealth for you!


So why do the rich get richer?


Because their investments from years before earn money compounded while they’re sleeping!


And why do the poor get poorer?


Sadly investing myths still exists that hinders a typical Pinoy to start investing.


And you can be rich. You can build wealth as soon as you know the value of investing your money.


Reason 2. To Reach Financial Goals and Milestones


We all have our financial bucket list in life.


Here’s mine for example.


Financial bucket list aka financial goals aka financial milestones are set of statuses involving money that you want to achieve in the future.


How investing your money this 2018 helps in achieving these financial goals?


Investing helps to shorten the gap between your current net worth vs. your bucket list.


To be a millionaire before 30 is part of my financial bucket list.


With my current net-worth, I have to save Php 150,000 every year to reach that goal. It means, I have to save Php 12,500 monthly.


I ain’t got means for that!


That’s why I invest my money.


Investing helps me reach my big financial goals because my money is earning a higher rate of return versus normal savings account.


Reason 3. To Reach Financial Independence and Retire Early


I have mentioned what financial independence means to me.


Nothing major actually changed. I still believe in being a financially independent Pinay. I still long to be able to retire early, quit my job and live the rest of my life free from worries, earning passive income as a substitute.


The most simplified way you can achieve financial freedom and retire early is to generate enough passive income from your investments that can cover your overall expenses.



Where to best invest your money this 2018


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