All About Searching Jobs in the Philippines

March 29, 2016

This blog post is very timely especially since it is the marching period. I hope before reading the rest of this post you have already checked out my timeless tips for new graduates HERE and HERE.

Today we will be talking about job search and specifically in the Philippines. From How to Find a Job, Job Search Engine That Works, Strategies That Will Make Search for a Job Fast and more. I will also share a personal experience on how I find my current job. 

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Searching Job in the Philippines

Hunting for a job is one monumental task. To begin with you have just gotten out of a previous employment or a fresh graduate finding your little space in the professional world.

Nowadays job search is becoming harder and harder. The new technology is rich that makes the competition very stiff. Those finding their new jobs are getting more and more afraid to fresh graduates while the new breeds are getting more anxious on a stricter and higher standard of employment. Know that it is a whole different experience finding a job after you got fired, after you resigned and/or after you graduate. 

Now let’s laser focus on how you will begin looking for a job in the Philippines. Let’s talk more about a plan which will make the job search much simpler for you. 

Basic Job Search

  1. Find Out What You Want in Life

Now the first step in job search is a thorough investigation on what you really want in your life. What do you want to do and what career path you want to follow. You’ve finished studying…now what?! Are you going to  follow the label and become the engineer or teacher or journalist OR you have another plan for your life. I encourage you to read and ponder upon a post I created a year ago entitled Finding Out What You Want in Life : A Short But Meaningful Guide. Think long term here. Envision the career that you want in the next 3-5 years.

  1. Resume + Cover Letter
Of course these two documents will be the very paper that can speak for yourself during the job search. A resume includes a summary of your profile, your education, your skills, your job experience and your reference. A cover letter on the other hand is addressed to the company you are applying with. It is a letter you give as part of your application stating why you are best fit for the job you are applying. In summary, a resume is your qualification while your cover letter express your interest in the position. 
  1. Job Specifics
Next we’ll have to go on the specifics AKA filters. These items will streamline the jobs available for you and speed up the search job process in the Philippines as well. 

  •  The type of the job. Are you looking for a full time or part-time?

  •  The environment of the job. What industry do you want? Is it related to your field, your course or something new you want to try.

  •  The location of the job? Do you want to work in place near you or somewhere far with better opportunities?

Job Search Engine that Works

Now I’ll work you through some of the job search engine sites here in the Philippines that are easy and definitely work towards your advantage.
This is the leading search engine site in the country today. Jobstreet offers an account you can use to apply on top companies. You can filter the jobs that you wish to apply and click on the Apply Now button, write a 300-word cover letter and your application is good to go. There are countless success stories in Jobstreet too. Usually you will be contacted by the Hiring Officer within a week or two. 
This is the second best choice for Filipinos to search jobs online. JobsDB offers almost the same user experience with Jobstreet. You can only apply for a job once you have created your free account. You will also receive notification for new job openings available straight to your email. 
This is a little more complicated to use than Jobstreet and JobsDB but another great search engine site available in the country today. 
Other Effective Ways You Can Search for Jobs
Of course the traditional way of walk-in to the desired company and leaving a copy of your resume works too. This is also nice to have a feel on the company and see how the office looks.
If you haven’t created a LinkedIn profile then you better do now. This is a great way to find a job that fits to your career vision. You’ll love LinkedIn because it acts as a professional social media that links you to people connected to job that suits your area of interest. A lot of hiring officers nowadays use a business LinkedIn profile to connect with potential candidates.
Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram
Did you know that social media sites such as the big three Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can also help you land a job? These social media sites are powerful because brands and companies use them as marketing tool. They even have career opportunities announcement as their status update.
Winning Strategies for Your Next Job Search
  1. Make sure that you have a well-built resume. Take time building and creating your resume especially if its your first one. Make sure that your resume speaks well for who you are. 
  2. Set Time on Your Job Research.  Set aside some time to go on your job searching. It takes effort going opening after opening to push through with your application. Tip is to apply on weekends so you can spend more time without interruption plus there’s not much people applying on Saturdays and Sundays. 
  3. Apply Immediately. If you found a job that matches your needs and wants then apply immediately. Don’t wait for too long before clicking the apply button.
  4. Have a professional email address. If your email address still has weird and funny names then please for goodness sake CHANGE IT!!! Your email address should only contain your name and surname as much as possible. 
  5. Check you email every now and then. Once you start applying for jobs you’ll surely need to check the messages in your inbox more frequently. Don’t forget to go on Spam box too just in case. 

How I Found My Current Job
I consider my current job as my first serious one. It is the only job where I stayed long and where I manage to undergo the actual application process. Now there are two job search engine that I use and still use up to today. Jobstreet and JobsDB though it is only Jobstreet that I have much luck. 
I make sure that my resume looks good though I believe my first one is written fresh out of college. It doesn’t look as good as what my resume today. I love including few summary on what I do highlighting the things that relate most on the job I am applying. I also don’t forget to write down complete contact information. READ: Becoming a Technical Writer in the Philippines
Now whenever I search for a job I usually just apply here and there. I submit just to whatever and whoever as long as it falls under my criteria. Then I wait about a day or three for a reply. Most contact you through phone instead. I believe my first job sent me a text message for interview invitation rather than email. READ: My Life, My Job, My Career and the 6 Success Tips that Helped Me
How fast you’ll become accepted in a company depends on their hiring process. In Jobstreet you can see the estimated processing period of the company. Some are within 5 days while others are as fast as 1 day process. Mine took a month of pabalik-balik before I finally got the job.
How Hard It Is to Search Job in the Philippines
Searching jobs nowadays again is much convenient compared before. There are a lot of job search engine online that makes the process easier. Once you found a job you like you can have a quick glance of the company website for information. If you are not satisfied with the details found you can find company review on the internet too. Make sure that you are committed in the process and you have a plan before you do. 
Hope this post helps. 
Share your experience when it comes to searching jobs in the Philippines


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