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March 23, 2015

Health is Wealth and so does the saying goes. I am a firm believer that healthcare should be available to everyone on all walks of life. I never paid much attention to the deductions un my salary not until I came to understand the benefits that these will give in the future. If you’ve read my past post entitled Studying Your Payslip you’ll know the basics of why we, as employees, is mandated to have a Philhealth.

The Facts

  • Philhealth was created in 1995 to create a universal health coverage for our country.
  • It is a tax-excempt, government owned and government-controlled corporation.
  • It is attached to the Department of Health.
  • It states its goal as insuring a sustainable national health insurance program for all.
  • It is mandated by ct 7875 otherwise known as “National Health Insurance Program”7875

The Members

                   1. The formal sector is for employees of companies and other institutions.
                   2. The retirees or non-paying members who have already paid premiums for 120 months of membership and are 60 and older.
                   3. The individual paying program for those not eligible for the other three categories.
                   4. The Overseas Filipino Workers program and can be considered as part of the individual paying program.

The Monthly Contributions

A part of every Pinoy’s payslip goes directly to Philhealth via deduction amounting to 87.50pesos to 437.50pesos depending on the employee’s salary.

The Benefits

1. Inpatient Benefits- Provides coverage for hospitalization due to illness or injury. This is paid using the case rate mechanism in any over 1000 hospitals accredited by Philhealth.

2. Outpatient Benefits- Entitles members for day surgeries done in accredited Philhealth surgical clinics, chemotherapy and radiotherapy procedures, cataract extraction and so on.

3. Z-Benefits Packages- These are benefits for catastrophic illness and medical conditions that will require longer hospitalization, extremely expensive therapies and other treatments that may need financial resources.

4. Z- MORPH– Provides 15,000pesos for first right knee and/or left below the knee prosthesis and 30,000pesos for both limbs prostheses. MORPH refers to Mobility, Orthosis, Rehabilitation and Prosthesis Help.

5. Other Philhealth programs- There are also other benefit packages that comes in different forms such as giving birth on Philhealth registered lying in clinics that could cost 6,000pesos for the first baby and lower for the succeeding children. Some vaccines for the infant can also be waived for payment if you are a Philhealth member.

For the Retirees

Those who are over 65 years old can have free Lifetime Philhealth benefit package as long as facilitated earlier before the retirement. The retiring employee must have a Lifetime Membership Philhealth card instead of the regular card.

How to Apply

Being a member of Philhealth has been been very easy over the years.

Employees are automatically provided with forms by the HR Department. This must be filled in and the HR Department officer will apply for the new Philhealth membership.

As of February last year new applicants are no longer required to present supporting documents or an official ID for applying. Under the new registrations system, applicant will have to fill out a Philhealth Member Registration Form (PMRF) which is available at Philhealth’s satellite offices. Once submitted, the applicant will be given their assigned permanent Philhealth Identification Number (PIN) that can be used to access mandated member benefits as well as pay for dues.

Also at the moment, online registration was opened. You can go to http://eregister.philhealth.gov.ph/ for faster application.

Just remember that all the benefits will only be given unto you if you are a member and you are paying the monthly premiums. I believe everyone must acquire a Philhealth as can really help in the healthcare department. If you feel like the Philhealth benefit is too low then you can opt for third party healthcare that provides higher benefits. Just be sure that you have a system that will support you in terms of your health.

Do you have Philhealth too?! Do you think that it provides the best healthcare solution today?!


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