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September 19, 2016
Here on SavingsPinay I encourage everyone not to be satisfied with just one source of income. Side jobs and other ways to earn extra cash are a must whether its online or offline, part-time or full-time etc. 

Last December I did my very first Year-End Extra Income Report and it makes me happy to realize that the I’ve used my spare time well. From doing freelance content writing to actual event management and hosting…2015 is a great year indeed. 

You too can make extra money. All you have to do is learn what skills, talents or hobbies you have that you can share. Build your portfolio, network to people and succeed with your first ever client. From then continue developing your passion and soon it could be the only source of income you’ll need.

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Below are the different things I’ve tried and I am still doing to make extra money. I also mentioned some related links that will help you more in your journey.

  • Become an Event Emcee for all Occasion. On October 2011 I created an online advertisement about my talent in hosting. I have never hosted professionally but people around me knew that its something I can and I love to do. I used to emcee school programs and family gatherings plus I took up a Communication course. In 2011 alone I manage to emceed about 50 special occasions. To date I am still hosting and its one of the side jobs that gave me soooo much extra money.
  • Wedding Planner/Wedding Coordinator. I also widen my horizon in event management and tried to sell my service as a wedding planner/coordinator. It was a nice experience sharing my ideas to the couple and helping them sort out ideas for their big day. I created my own wedding coordinator team and have been to Tagaytay, Antipolo, Batangas etc. 
  • Makeup and Hairstylist for Special Occasion. My love for makeup made me earn instant extra income. I have widen my event management experience by applying my knowledge in makeup and hairstyling. Making debutant, bride, entourage and guests beautiful makes me happy.
  • Invest. One of the biggest financial decision I’ve made so far is opening my FAMI-SALEF account. It is a mutual fund investment where you and other investors money are pooled together to fund a common financial goal. There are no guarantees when it comes to investing but the younger you invest the better. Time will be your greatest ally to make your money grow. I have shared most of my FAMI-SALEF investments here.
  • Start a Blog. If you love writing and sharing on the internet then why not start a blog? You can earn through advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and the traffic you get through your blog. There are many who’ve found massive monetary success online and this is such a great avenue to relieve stress etc. Click this for all blog-related posts
  • Create a YouTube Channel. If you”re comfortable talking to the camera like me then why not start your own YouTube Channel? I have a beauty and lifestyle YouTube Channel that helped me earn some money through ads and views. All you need is a good camera, laptop, internet connection and you’re ready to go. 
  • Create an Instagram Shop. I also tried selling stuff online through Instagram. Creating your store is free, marketing is fast and the return of investment is good. There are a lot of things you can sell online from clothing items, accessories, phone cases, baked goods etc. 
  • Freelance Writing Online. With my degree in Journalism I decided to try doing some freelance content writing work online. It turned out great with clients from abroad asking for web pages and other writing materials for a high pay. $$$ 

Why Earning Extra Money is Soooooo Important

How to make extra money is one of my favorite topic to search online. I crave for new ideas to generate income aside from my full-time job. I know reading the list above will prove how crazy I am in finding side hustles to keep my financial life in a good balance. My main goal is to retire young and enjoy my adult life while cash coming passively thanks to the side jobs I have built. 

I know that many will contest that they don’t have much time to spend on another work load. You may have a ton of excuse to settle on being an employee. But I want to open your eyes in the reality that you need extra income too. We all have 24 hours in a day and it is what we do with our spare time that determines how successful we will be in the future. 

Why Earning Extra Money is So Important?

Because it makes you closer to achieving your goal!

You may have that emergency fund or travel fund written on your goals every time but nothing happens because your current is too low. That’s where a side job come in place. The money you earn from your hobbies and passions can get you closer to your dreams. You have more means to save, to invest and to share. 

Extra income no matter how small or big it is opens opportunity for you to achieve more. All the side hustles I did and I still do helped me to become the person I am today. It definitely increased my knowledge, widen my network and explored my potentials. Now I am not afraid to turn my idea into something for I know that if only I believe and I do the proper action I can definitely generate extra income with it.
How to Earn Extra Income in the Philippines?

Excerpt from my original blog post HERE published on October 2014. 

Do you wonder how you can earn extra income aside from your daily allowance? How about the income you make in your work? Then fret no more because I am here to give you the best possible ideas that you can earn extra income in a safe and easy way.

All of us needs money to buy our essentials. But I know at some point we will have those moments when we feel like what we earn is not enough. Sabi nga di ba “Sweldo lang naman ang di nataas” This statement is the exact reason why we need to be more productive in finding out means to fit the salary in your expenses.

I realized that having an extra income does not just add up on my finances but also add up on my outlook in life. I became more positive in life because I know something aside from my profession that I can rely to if and then unexpected things happen. You too can do it!

So how will you find extra sources of income?

1. Find your Skill and Offer it.

Everyone of us has his/her own unique skill that God had blessed us to have and to share. Find it and offer it. Mine is hosting so I did earn an extra means of living through it. Maybe you know how to play the guitar or the piano. Or maybe you have basic photography skills. Whatever it is know it, develop it and start offering it to your friends and soon potential clients.

Additional Income, anyone?!

2. Be Paid for Your Services.

Don’t settle for a free service unless you are just starting in the business. You may offer for free but make sure its for portfolio use only. Once you’ve built your portfolio have your services paid. The main reason is that you need money to fund your talent. You will never earn extra if you don’t stop offering for FREE.

3. Market what you know.

There are things we have more knowledge about than the others. For example, I know how to apply makeup so I decided to do makeup videos. Little by little I earn few dollars with the views plus I get to share my tips and tricks for fellow Filipinas too. Marketing your knowledge means having a broader way in letting others know that you can do this and you can do that. Create an album in your Facebook page about your skill and make a status that you can offer free tutorial or lesson. Once potential clients line up you can now create advertisement in Sulit for others to be paid.

4. Sell something.

As simple as it is, selling is a one solid way that you will start earning. Create an Instagram account and sell unusual stuff. You can also have a garage sale. Now that it’s Christmas for sure gift items will be a must so you as early as now, start selling online or at your neighborhood.

5. Sell your creativity.

If you don’t have any product to sell then why not sell your creativity? Maybe you have some potential in doing sketches of persons, you can earn cash through it.

Earning extra income has been very simple nowadays thanks to social media. It is easier to post and to tag people letting your network grow with less work. The thing is you need to take that big step. Let it go and be amazed of what will happen next.

Final Notes from SavingsPinay
Nowadays, side hustle is more than just an option anymore. It is a necessity if you want to financial freedom in your life. You don’t need a miracle to find extra income in the Philippines all it takes is determination and willingness to work. Give yourself the benefit of making extra money especially now that you are still young and able.
Do you want to earn extra money on the side too?

Clariza Glino

Izza of SavingsPinay helps Filipinos bridge the financial literacy gap one content at a time by providing insights and tips on budgeting, saving, investing, side hustle and growing your net worth. Aside from this blog she also writes at, a beauty and lifestyle blog for frugal Pinays and manages,, a wedding and event business since 2011. For inquiries, topic suggestions or future collaborations email her at

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