Al Del Rio Villa Resort Review | Budget Stay in Caramoan

September 2, 2016
My whole Caramoan Island experience was insane. I still can’t believe I spent a weekend away from home and into the paradise of Bicol Region. It is definitely one of the (many) highlights of my 2016. And now I am super excited to create another A Look Back at 2015 post but this time wrapping up the current year.
Going to Caramoan is something I never imagined. It’s the first long trip I did in my life and the farthest destination I’ve been in my 22 years of existence. As I’ve mentioned in my travel diary, the whole trip going to Caramoan was a literal pain-in-the-butt but its all worth it. I think what makes the trip  extra special is choosing the right accommodation too. After a long island hopping all you want is a homey delicious meal to fill-in your tummy and cozy bed to sleep. Insert — Al Del Rio Villa Resort Review | Budget Stay in Caramoan. Wondering where to stay at Caramoan?
About Al Del Rio Villa Resort
Al Del Rio Villa Resort is the trusted partner of during the first ever Blogger Affiliate Getaway contest. Read my winning post HERE. After about 12 hours of night trip we were greeted by the warmest welcome of Tatay Allan, Tita Rosario and Ms. Maureen of Al Del Rio. Tatay All and Tita Roserio owns the place while Ms. Mau acts as daughter/manager of the home-stay villa resort.
Quick Facts:
  • Al Del Rio is short for “Allan” and “Rosario”, owners of the home-stay inn.
  • Positive Word of Mouth has been Al Del Rio’s way of invitation to adventure seekers, backpackers, travelers, company outings, outreach teams, travel agencies, couples and families.
  • If ever request Ms. Maureen to be your tour guide. She was with us on the two-day travel hopping and her energy is amazing. She will surely make you feel comfortable in your Caramoan stay.
What to Expect on Your Stay at Al Del Rio Villa Resort

Al Del Rio Villa Resort have this legit home-stay accommodation. By the entrance is the dining area which serves also as a common area you can do mini activities as a group. They have karaoke if you want to have a little happy hour before bidding the day goodbye. They offer unlimited coffee which is a plus for a caffeine-addict like me. Their kitchen will give you the province-feel which is nice for someone who grew up in Manila like me. 
First breakfast after 10-12 Hour trip from Manila to Caramoan

There are a lot of places you can seat down, relax and mingle with each other. As my first home-stay experience, Al Del Rio Villa Resort, sets the bar high in my opinion. I love that you don’t feel intimidated by the aura of the house, the people are all accommodating and hospitable plus everything is prepared before hand without you raising. 
Al Del Rio Villa Resort is perfect for families and group. Their Barkada room, where me and the girls stayed, has six beds wide enough to accommodate two persons. Other rooms have double-deck perfect for smaller group or family. Each room has a bathroom which I know is one of the first a traveler must look for in a villa. 
Unlimited Coffee for everyone

Included in our Al Del Rio stay is the food. I deeply appreciate the meals we had during the whole Caramoan Trip. I believe this is one big advantage of choosing a homestay rather than a hotel, you get to eat a lot of the local’s finest. We had scrambled egg, spiced chicken longganisa, friend talong, tuyo for breakfast. Our lunch was spent in an island Matukad for Day 1 and Malawi Floating Cottage on the Day 2.

Our breakfast for Day 2

And I won’t forget how the lunch match the beach adventure we were having. We had Ginataan Kamansi with Alimasag plus Fried Sal-igan Fish on Day 1 while Inihaw na Pusit and Laing (the best!!!) were our sumptuous meal on Day 2. Dinner is where all the special were served from Tinolang Manok, Sauteed Alimasag, Okra with Bagoong and Suha/Langka on Dessert for Day 1 and Bicol Express (Another the best!!!), Sweet and soured lapu-lapu and Corn Soup with Abalone and Shrimp on Day 2.

Bicol Express!!!
Tara, kain!!!
Al Del Rio Villa Resort is near Bikal Port where all boats serving the Caramoan Island Hopping Adventure are located. Two minutes away is the 100-year old tree that tourist also love to stop over and have a look. And did I mention Al Del Rio have a Tree House?? Make sure to book the Tree House if ever.

Bikal Port is about 2-3 minutes walk away only

Karaoke for the win!!!
Al Del Rio Package Rates
I hope reading the above description based on my experience inspired you to book at Al Del Rio. Do tell Ms. Mau that Izza of SavingsPinay sent you, okey? If you are curious on how much the package rates are then read the rest of the post below. A huge thank you to for making the whole trip possible. 
PACKAGE TOUR (Perfect for small to big groups)
 Number of Person 2 Days/ 1 Night 3 Days/ 2 Nights
1 7,000/person 8,000/person
2 4,500/person 5,500/person
3-5 3,300/person 4,000/person
6-9 2,800/person 3,500/person
10-20 2,200/person 3,000/person
21 and up 1,800/person 2,800/person
Included in the package are:
Island Hopping with boat and tour guide
Environmental and Island Fees
Other Extra or Hidden Fees
Floating Cottage Fee
Room Accommodation
Full Board Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) for the whole duration of the trip.
NON-PACKAGED TOUR (If you just need a place to stay but want to do your own tour)
Room Type Number of Person Price
Standard Room 2-4 persons 1800/person
Family Room 6-8 persons 2800/person
Barkada Room 10-12 persons 3200/person
*For extra person 250pesos
Non-Air conditioned 
Room Type Number of Person Price
Tree House 8-10 persons 2,300pesos
Bamboo House 8-10 persons 2,300pesos
*For extra person 150pesos
Food Price
Breakfast Meal 150pesos
Lunch Meal 195pesos
Dinner Meal 195pesos
Other Fees
Boat Rental – 4,000pesos good for 10 pax (+400/extra head)
For Manila to Caramoan to Manila Package
Van Rental – 25,000 
Included in the transport package are:

  • Food for Driver
  • Room Accommodation
  • Parking 
Al Del Rio Villa Resorts Important Details
Durong-an, Baranggay Bikal, Caramoan, Camarines Sur
How to go: 
From Manila to Caramoan via Bus
Ride any Raymund bus at Cuba, Sampaloc, Alabang, Turbina, Naga, or Caramoan Termaninals. Drop off point is Bikal. Fare price is 750-950pesos.
From Naga to Caramoan via Bus
Ride any Isarog, Penafrancia bus. Drop off point is also Bikal. 
From Manila to Caramoan via Van
Al Del Rio offers van package tour. Just contact Ms. Mau for inquiries. 
Contact Details:
Ms. Mau of Al Del Rio Villa Resorts

Do I Recommend?
A big resounding yes!
4.5 out of 5 Pinay Points
Final Notes from SavingsPinay
Choosing a home-stay accommodation is perfect for first-timers both local and international. You will feel the “Filipino hospitality” which is very famous trait of a Pinoy. Try to book your trip in advance so you haven’t any hassle for your Caramoan Trip. Also do check out because they do offer discounts and has the biggest listing of hostels, home-stays, hotels and other accommodations in the Philippines online.
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