A Special Guide on the New FAMI Investor’s Portal

July 7, 2015

It’s been a long time since I updated you guys on my FAMI investments so I thought it is just ideal to create a quick post. I am still part of the FAMI investors and just before June ends I received an invitation to join the 2015 FAMI Annual Shareholder’s Meeting. Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend because I already have an scheduled event.

Aside from the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting,  I also recently found out that FAMI had an overhaul of their Investor’s Portal. And this is post is a special guide I created on the new FAMI Portal.

What the FAMI Portal Is All About?

Once you become a FAMI ivestor you now have an access to your very own FAMI Portal. It is a designed to help you track your investments and progress by a website. You will have your Customer ID and Password (which is very difficult to create by the way and needs to be replaced every month for security purposes).

The FAMI Portal gives the following information:

  • Your Account Summary
  • Your Investor’s Profile
  • Your Statement of Account
  • Your Enrolled Fund
  • Your Net Investment
  • Your Total Shares Earned
  • Your Current NAVPS
  • Your Current Value (ROI)
  • Your Gain/Loss

It basically function as a quick dashboard that is very helpful to every FAMI Investors.

How to Enroll for Your FAMI Portal

You need to be a an Investor first and foremost. Wait for the Statement of Account (SOA) that will be delivered via mail by FAMI . And then follow below instructions:

Then click “REGISTER” beside the Forgot Password link.

2. The Registration web page will appear. Select “Individual Account”

3. Fill in the details on the Registration Form. 

  • Note that the Client Account Number refer to your Statement of Account (SOA) at the topmost right. If you haven’t received an SOA yet, just email FAMI atfami@firstmetro.com.ph.

4. Click Submit and follow the next instruction.

5. If your application is successful you will receive an email from fami_online@fami.com.ph for your username and initial password that you will need to replace. 

The Past FAMI Portal

I believe I had showed a screenshot of the former FAMI Portal on a Reader Question on How to Manually Compute for Mutual Fund Earnings. You can read that post to learn more but I also have the screenshot below.

 Honestly, the past FAMI Portal is hard to navigate and understand. There are too many empty spaces that I believe can be maximized. There are also terms that are available in the tables whoch are confusing especially for beginners.

The New FAMI Portal

I don’t usually check my FAMI Portal. I guess I only do it once or twice a month if I wanted to know whether my investments were remitted. The FAMI Portal is very useful because I don’t have to manually compute as to how many shares I have, how much I already gained and so on. I have a quick dashboard of everything that I need to learn for my FAMI-Save and Learn Equity Fund.

Login Page

The whole look and feel of the website actually changed. The most dominant color became blue and I just love the simpler design. Same as before you need to Customer ID and Password to Login. If ever you forgot your password then you can just click the link available and a generic password will be sent in your email. Automatically you need to change this generic password to your new password.

Investment Summary

This acts as the home page of the portal. A quick table of all the important information of your account. You have your Account Number, Account Name, Fund, Net Investment, Shares, NAVPs, Current Value, Gain/Loss and a View Statement. FAMI also offers Dollar accounts so if and then you diversified your investments and have a Dollar Account you can just switch tabs to view.

Invest Information

Once you click View below the Statement you will have a new quick table. This is called Investment Information which gives your Investment History. It provides detailed information of all your investment transaction which is very useful to know exactly how far you are with your investments.


If you want to see, update and change the password of your profile then this is the page that you should go. You can also click Notification if you want to receive NAV Report, SOA Report or Summary Report via Email or SMS.

Statement of Account

This page is official summary of your FAMI account. You can choose to view Statement of Account and Historical NAVPs to view and Download to PDF.

Contact Us

If you have any concern then the Contact Us page gives all the details where you can submit your inquiry. There’s also a big Write to Us page for a more detailed customer support.

I am a Happy Investor

I just love this change that FAMI created for the Investor’s Portal. I love the simple design, the bigger fonts and the easier to understand terms. I find myself checking the page more than the usual. I highly suggest all FAMI inevstors to create their own account. So far I am very happy with my investments with   FAMI and I am looking forward for the brighter future ahead of me.


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Clariza Glino

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