7 Ways You Can Invest in Yourself

May 21, 2020

Today I am sharing 7 ways you can invest in yourself.ways-you-can-invest-in-yourself


Its time to think about you and how you can make your life better. Sometimes we are too busy giving to others that we forget to provide to ourselves.


This post is the complete opposite. We will be a little selfish and empower each other. But first,


Why should you invest in yourself?

Investing in yourself is important because its your own way of living life better.


The return of your investment is passive, meaning it grows exponentially without you even lifting a finger. If investing your money comes with inevitable risk-factor, investing in yourself is risk-free and full of rewards instead.


You are your greatest asset.


When you invest in yourself, you are unleashing the greatest version of yourself. It is actually a form of self-love. Developing yourself from your skills to your overall attitude will determine the quality of life you will live now and in the future.


1. Invest in a Morning and Evening Routine

Having a happy morning will lead you to a happy evening and vice versa.


It’s important to have a set of morning routine and evening routine that will lead you to success. The way you shape your day will make a big difference on your future. It would either make you or break you.


Personally, having a morning and evening routine lead me to a clearer day. I feel more inspired to work and plan for the future. I see investing in a morning and evening routine to be the first on the list, although it is the hardest to accomplish.


Here are ways that will help you achieve this:


Create a Morning and Evening Skincare routine

Establishing a good skincare routine is non-negotiable. When you look good outside you feel better inside. See my own day and night skincare routine as reference.


Try the Miracle Morning

I stumble upon the idea of Miracle Morning from BohoBerry, one of the page I visit for bullet journaling inspirations. Anyway, the goal is to be as productive as possible before your actual day begins.


Miracle Morning suggests the acronym S.A.V.E.R.S.

S is for Silence like meditation, prayer, breathing exercise or any activity that will calm your soul and mind.

A is for Affirmation or encouraging words that will help you see the day better.

V is for Visualization where you’ll set a nice vision of the day and really set your heart and mind for a productive day.

E is for Exercise or any physical activity you can include to get the blood and oxygen flowing to the brain.

R is for Reading where your positive thoughts and ideas are available to improve yourself.

S is for Scribing more known as writing which is a good way to process your thoughts first thing in the morning.


Try to switch off your phone or any devices before bed

This will enable you to really focus on either pampering or dozing off.


One of the most helpful ways I get to psyche my mind in committing to a morning and evening routine is that I think of it as the first hour and last hour of my day.


I ask myself what would I want my first hour upon waking up to be. What I want to feel after.


First, I know I want to be encouraged by the Word of God. So I start with prayer and devotion. Then, I like to sweat. For me exercise gives such endorphin in the morning. And because I do sweat, it triggers for me to take care of my skin by taking a proper bath and skincare altogether.


All of that I accomplish in just one hour.


The evening routine is quite different because I can go longer than an hour. But, in a gist I spend time studying the Bible, making a to do list for the next day and reading.


Now remember that a routine checklist will only act as a guideline. Life happens and I don’t think one can stick to the ideal morning and evening routine perfectly. But, having this ideal routine list to look back to will give you motivation to seize the day.


Even if you fail today, know that tomorrow is a new opportunity to do better.


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2. Invest in Knowing What You Really Want in Life

The most difficult part of growing up is knowing what you really want in life. Your choices shift a lot, your views and opinions change in an instant, and you get easily caught in everything that’s going on.


My best advice is to figure out what you love, continue planning what you want for your life and lay down all the next actions.


Here are ways you can do so:


Set some goals

If you haven’t tried doing some major goal setting in your life then what are you waiting for? Learn how to set some personal and financial goals that can put you on a rather productive phase.


Discover your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses

Doing some SWOT analysis on your life will help you build a better you. Ask yourself what are you good at and focus your time and energy building your life around those strengths.


Journal a lot

Writing helps to become more intentional in the way we live. Start a journal and continue reflecting on your life. Journaling is life changing. It will disclose the things that you never understood about yourself, your thoughts and your life.


3. Invest in Your Skills

Continue improving your life with new skills and new learnings here and there. Read books, blogs and news that interest you. Sign up for free online courses and free eBooks that will teach you something new. Attend seminars and workshops to expand your knowledge and skills both personally and professionally.


Enrich your mind through reading

Instead of wasting you precious time on social media why not start reading books and blogs instead. Go visit a bookstore today and scan through books for new lessons.

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Find out seminars and events you can attend

You can always search online for free seminars, events and workshops you can attend personally love joining these affairs because it opens new opportunity to learn.


4. Invest in Your Health

I came from the biggest shock of my life health-wise and its NOT funny.


Being sick is a waste of time, energy and money. It is nice to invest time taking care of yourself and your health.


Health care is very important because if you want to be successful you need your body to agree with you too. Stop abusing your body or else it would fire back at you.

  • Don’t feel bad getting a check up as long as you feel much difficulty and something is bothering you.
  • Try to invest in a health card if and then your company doesn’t provide.
  • Eat and drink healthier than before. My mom does this detox water with lemon and cucumber and its super nice to have morning and night.


5. Invest in your Finances

You cannot let your money issues rule your life forever.


Getting your finances in order is one way, saving money is another. Have all the means to be financially stress-free. We need to stop neglecting our financial obligations from building a emergency fund to getting out of debt. You need to learn how to handle your finances wisely.


First figure out how you are spending your money by creating a budget

A spreadsheet or document will do. Better yet download my 50-20-30 Budget Template.


Start saving for the important funds of your life

This includes your emergency fund, investment fund, retirement fund etc.


Don’t be in debt

Avoid incurring more debt by learning to live within your means. Always aim for a positive finances no matter what.


Start thinking about your retirement

The best time to invest in your future is today. The lesser financial responsibilities you have the more you can contribute to your retirement fund.


6. Invest in Your Relationship with Others

You need to start building good relationships that can be your own network of people as you grow. Its better to have few but trust-worthy friends than surround yourself with people who are harmful to you.


Learn how to let go

It takes a lot of maturity and courage to let go on the people that caused you too much pain. Know that you deserve only the best in life so don’t waste your time minding people who don’t add to your wholeness.


Be there for your family no matter what

Know that they are the only people who will be there for you when you need them. Make an effort to remember special dates and birthdays in your family and close friends. You don’t need to give gifts just small gestures and let them know you appreciate their presence in your life.


Accept that you can’t please everyone

No matter what you do or what you say you can’t force someone to appreciate you on your own liking. You need to earn their respect.


7. Invest in Your Spiritual Life

I’ve been in a push-and-pull situations towards my spiritual life but I thank God for not letting go of me.


Everyday I am reminded of the value of being faithful and of living an intentional life.


I believe its important to take a good look on the activities we do for the glory of God. We need to invest our time and efforts to nurture our faith. The primary goal of knowing Jesus and building a God-centered life should be the number one priority.


Begin and end your day with a thankful heart

Stop holding grudges on your current status but try to be grateful on the small things that make your day better.


Read the Bible

The Bible holds all the answers to our life’s important questions. The Bible is also important to read for knowing God and His will for our lives.


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Final Notes from SavingsPinay

To end this post I want to give you some small actions you can do that can lead you to better life. Choose something you can start today and find out how these small acts can empower you.

a. Create a Bucket List. See mine here >>>

b. Have a Mid-Year Review. Ask yourself these four questions and write your answer:

What am I most proud of so far?

What could have been better?

What baby steps can I take to improve?

How can I build upon my successes?

c. Choose one physical task you can do today and something you’ve been neglecting for a long time.

d. Plan your day in advance. Learn to do a to do list and ace each on your list.

e. Sleep and Wake Up Earlier. Proper sleep can give you a ton of benefits. It allows you to be more productive and enjoy your sleep.

f. Develop Habits and Routines. Daily routines give a structure on how you live your life. Its nice if you incorporate as many new habits and routines on a regular basis.

g. Travel. Save money and make time to travel. Learn new culture, cultivate on new surrounding and immerse yourself with the nature. You will find yourself having new perspectives on life.


I don’t settle for mediocrity. I hate to live my life as an average.


That’s the reason why I constantly seek for personal success whether through new goals achieved, new habits gained, new books finished, new tasks done etc. I love developing myself personally and professionally by investing in myself.


Let’s maximize the newfound time we all have in the midst of the pandemic to ensure that we are not stopping to where we are at the moment. Instead, we are moving forward for the best.


What investment are you most eager to do for yourself today?

Clariza Glino

Izza of SavingsPinay helps Filipinos bridge the financial literacy gap one content at a time by providing insights and tips on budgeting, saving, investing, side hustle and growing your net worth. Aside from this blog she also writes at, a beauty and lifestyle blog for frugal Pinays and manages,, a wedding and event business since 2011. For inquiries, topic suggestions or future collaborations email her at

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