7 Tips on Effective Project Management

May 31, 2015

As you all know I have the tendency to say “yes” to everything. This means that I have a bunch of projects that needs to be done in a certain period of time. My open projects includes my daily work tasks as technical writer, blogging tasks such as writing content, producing images and promoting on social media, I also have personal projects that I never even started like fixing my closet and my vanity area.

But the “productive” in me is a fighter. I am glad that though I have days that tasks are overwhelming there are still a part of me that get things done. And all I do is to follow the 7 Tips on Effective Project Management. 

Tip #1. Write everything down.

You’ll more likely to remember and to finish a project when you write it down. This tip is a tried and tested for me. I write either in an Excel sheet or on a piece of paper my open projects for the coming week and then all the steps that I need to get done for the project to be successful. Remember to be as detailed as possible.

Tip #2. Set goals for every projects you do.

I may have used the word “goal” in this blog for  a million of times but I just can’t stress how setting goals will help in managing the project effectively. If you know where you want to go then you are most like to know how you will get there. Your vision of the project is important for it will keep you moving. I, for example, keep on blogging even though sometimes I have doubts whether there is someone out there reading my posts. But my vision in this project is clear. I want to help individuals to take advantage of their age.

Tip #3. Act!

Procrastination will be your number 1 enemy in doing small or big project. There will be times when all you want to do is sit down, go to internet and relax. But take note that your projects won’t get done by itself. You need to take action!

Tip #4. Keep track of your progress

The main reason why you need to write your tasks down is because of this this Tip #4. You’ll have a strong basis on the status of the project. Whether the project is doable or it is something that you need to postpone. A weekly status report of your progress for each project will be a great start.

Tip #5. Focus on your strengths.

If there are tasks in a project that you know in yourself you are not the best person  then find someone who could help. This is way better than prolonging the agony and in the end failing the project. I for example am not good in making logos and HTML codes for my blogs so I ask people at work (perks of being surrounded by IT people) to help me with this. The task becomes faster and the outcome is also better.

Tip #6. Have some Affirmations

The tasks may be very overwhelming ay times so always have the powerful affirmations that could help you get going. Always be the “can do” person and try not to fill your heart and your mind with the negative thoughts. Failures are part of one’s life and there are times when things don’t go our way. Be creative, flexible and keep on working on the issues/problem until you solve it.

Tip #7.Set time for breaks

This maybe a surprising tip for you but yes… have a BREAK. Don’t force yourself in doing everything all at once especially if you are tired, sleepy and sick! Remember that health is wealth and if you will not take care of yourself then you might suffer much worse. During my time in college taking up Journalism we were always taught that “No story is worth dying for”. Your life and definitely your health is much much valuable.

Hope this post helps. At the moment I am on a one-week leave at work. I super excited and pumped up to begin some of my biggest projects this week. I have all of them written in my planner! 


Any additional tip you have in dealing with projects?
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