4 Ways To Get Your NSO Birth Certificate Fast and Easy

September 12, 2016

4 Ways To Get Your NSO Birth Certificate Fast and EasyI finally got my NSO Birth Certificate!!!


I was planning to get my passport this September and based on my research I will be needing my birth certificate as a requirement.


I was about to ask my mother to apply my birth certificate for me but I was surprised of how fast and easy getting your birth certificate is nowadays.


For busy people like me I compiled the different ways you can apply and get your NSO Birth Certificate.


These four ways also applies when you are looking to get other important files like marriage certificate and certificate of no marriage as long as under the Philippine Statistics Authority (aka National Statistics Office) I hope it’ll help those who have no time or no energy to wait long lines and apply. 


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Option 1. Walk-in Applications at Serbilis Outlests

Let’s start with the usual routine for those who doesn’t like the whole online application and online payment process. 


1. Go to the Philippine Statistics Authority near you. You can CLICK HERE for the complete list of Census Serbilis Centers available in the Philippines that may process your copies of birth, marriage, death, certificate marriage, certificate of no marriage etc. 
2. Once inside get your Queue Number from the Information Marshall and fill-up the application form. You can download the forms in THIS LINK as well as print and answer it before going to the NSO Serbilis Center. If not the Information Marshall will hand you the application form.
Make sure to fill up the form in PRINT letters (all capital) and check the box(es) that applies to your answer.
Specify how many copies you are requesting. Note that the number of copies will affect how much you are going to pay for the request of your NSO Birth Certificate.
Avoid erasures and write legibly so your application will run smoothly.
3. Proceed to the Screeners’ Desk. The screener will double check if the information you have provided is complete, consistent and readable. He/She will stamp it “Okay for Payment”.  


4. Go to the Payment Area. There may be a queue depending on the time and day of your arrival. As much as possible come early to avoid long lines.
You will be given a priority number after you have answered your application form. Look at the screen/monitor on the waiting area to see if your number is flashed already.
You will be issued stamped Official Release with the date and time of release. 
5. Proceed to the Releasing Area for requested documents.
Your name will be called to signal that your birth certificate is ready to be claimed. The releasing clerk will have to see your Official Receipt. Be sure to check your copy for any errors.
Birth Certificate – 140pesos per copy (same price of marriage and death certificates)
Certificate of No Marriage Record – 195pesos
  • Valid ID is required for both the owner and the requester of the birth certificate.
  • Forms are color-coded. White – Birth Certificate, Pink – Marriage Certificate, Yellow – Death Certificate, and Green – Certificate of No Marriage Record


Option 2. Online Applications at E-census



For those who doesn’t want to wait long line and has no time to go to Serbilis Center, you can also process online via E-census. 


1. Go to Read the Terms and Conditions and click I Accept button to proceed.
2. Fill-up the online requester’s information and contact details. You need to input your Tax Identification Number (TIN) as well as exact contact and delivery details. Double check your answer before proceeding to next. You will be given a Request Reference Number you need as you pay online. 
3. Pay via the following available options:


If within the Philippines,


You can pay via online banking directly if you have BDO and Unionbank Accounts. 


You can also pay via counter again at any BDO and UnionBank. Here are further instructions:

1. Go to any UnionBank OR BDO branch nationwide. 

2. Fill out the Bill Payment Slip with below information

               Company/Institution Name: E-Census
               Client Name: Requester’s Name (Your Name)
               Subscriber Reference Number: Refers to your Request Reference Number
               Amount: Amount due for your request. This will depend upon the number of copies you requested.
               3. Make sure to safe-keep your validated payment sleep as proof of payment.
If Outside the Philippines,


You can pay online via credit card through the following process:

1. From the Acknowledgment page click “Pay online via credit card now”

2. Read the e-Census Terms and Conditions, and then click on “I Accept” to proceed.

3. Enter your Request Reference Number and click “Go”

4. Click “Proceed to Payment”. You will be redirected to the Kabayan Central Networks, Inc. secure online payment site. 

5. Enter your credit card information and then click “Process Transaction”. Once you credit card payment is accepted, a payment acknowledgment will be displayed. You will then see Kabayan Cetral Networks, Inc. on your credit card statement.


You can pay via BDO Remit Subsidiary Offices and Remittance Partners Abroad offering Kabayan Bills Bayad

1. Go to any BDO Remit Subsidiary Offices and Remittance Partners Abroad offering Kabayan Bills Bayad.

2. Fill out the remittance form with the following information:

                 Corporation: E-CENSUS
                  Subscriber/Reference Number: Request Reference Number
               Payment Amount (in US Dollars): Amount due for your request. This will depend upon the number of copies you requested.
                3. Pay exact amount in US Dollars or its foreign currency equivalent plus the remittance service fee. 
                4. Keep safe the remittance receipt or invoice slip after the transaction has been successfully processed.

                5. You can check the status of your remittance at BDO website under Remit Status Inquiry. Enter the reference number found on your receipt.


*Only requests outside the Philippines can be paid via BDO Remit Subsidiary Offices and Remittance Partners Abroad offering Kabayan Bills Bayad.
**There is a remittance service fee on top of the amount due for your birth certificate request.
***Your request will be updated from the following status WAITING FOR PAYMENT > PAID/FOR PROCESSING > IN PROCESS two (2) working days after payment confirmation has been received by BDO.


Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates – 315pesos per copy


CENOMAR – 415pesos per copy


Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates – $20 per copy
CENOMAR – $25 per copy




For delivery within the Philippines please wait 3-9 working days after successful payment. Delivery date will depend on your address. 
For delivery to other countries wait 6-8 weeks after payment. You can email in care you want your document through special courier and have it delivered earlier. There will additional courier fee subject to you.



Option 3. Online Application via

This is for people who need their Birth Certificate ultra fast and easy. I ordered mine through NSOHelpline and received it the day after which was so surprising. Below is the step by step process I did.

1. Go to 

2. Click Order Now and choose the NSO Certificate you need.

3. Choose the purpose on why you are requesting for the certified true copy of your birth certificate. I answered Local Employment by the way.

4. Fill-up the online request form with the correct answer. Make sure all spaces are answered. Click “Continue” to proceed.

5. On the next page click whether you had done any changes to your birth certificate. Click “None” if there are no changes applied to your birth certificate ever.

6. Answer who will receive the certificate upon delivery.

7. Your order summary will show next. Make sure that all the information entered is correct. You will need to enter your current correct contact info, delivery address and check out summary. Click continue to proceed with Payment Procedures.

8. Payment Option are as follows:

Via Metrobank

Via Bancnet ATM

Via Bayad CenterVia Online

Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates – 350pesos per copy
CENOMAR – 450pesos per copy
Expect your document within 2-3 working days upon receipt of payment though in my case I received it the following day. You will be asked to show your ID.


Option 4. Via SM Business Center nationwide

After I ordered my Birth Certificate and got it the following day I proudly informed my Mom. She then told me that I can actually order my NSO Birth Certificate SM Business Center and it is fraction of a price though I have to wait a week for it to arrive.


Still this is a nice option and definitely what I will do next time I need another copy of my birth certificate. Below is the process on how you can apply via SM Business Center.


1. Go to the nearest SM Mall and look for the SM Business Center. This is sometimes located inside the Department Store and HyperMarket or have a separate space. 

2. Fill-up the Request Form (looks exactly like the picture I showed you on the Walk-In Application via NSO Serbilis Center) plus the added paper where you will also include a summary of the details you have provided on the request form.

3. Pay at the cashier. Make sure to keep safe your receipt and your claim stub as you will need them once your birth certificate is ready for releasing.

4. You can claim your Birth Certificate within 4-6 days same branch where you applied your request. Present  1 valid ID upon claiming. 


Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates – 140pesos per copy
Plus 20pesos service fee per copy



Final Notes from SavingsPinay


I hope the above posts did help you in your quest to find a fast and easy way to get your NSO Birth Certificate. Again I have personal experience with Online Application via and I commend the site for very fast delivery. No hassle at all.


However, learning about SM Business Center nationwide made me realize that I should probably apply via SM Business Center next time since they have lesser fee plus I will only have to wait for a week. Now I am all set and ready to apply for my Passport. Wish me luck.


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