Month: November 2021

Reasons You Need to Watch out for Megawide

Over the past posts, I’ve provided relative information on Megawide Construction Stock. From its stock movement during initial public offering release to its present situation and the present and future plans of Megawide.   Today we’ll talk about the very reasons why you need to watch out for Megawide.   Disclaimer: Thank you Megawide for partnering with me in this post and providing the research material. All opinions are 100% […]

The Six Stages of Financial Freedom

Today let’s talk about the six stages of financial freedom.   We all aspire to reach financial freedom at some point. According to Wikipedia, Financial Freedom is a state in which an individual or household has sufficient wealth to live on without having to depend on income from some form of employment.   It means your asset is passive. Even as you sleep you are earning money to sustain whatever […]