Month: April 2021

Reader Question – What are your money advice for a 30 year old?

Hi and welcome to a new Reader Question post.   I try to do this kind of post once or twice a month to give way to inquiries I receive on my personal Facebook account, the SavingsPinay PH on Facebook and through SavingsPinay PH on Instagram.   I do encourage you to send any budget, savings, investment or making extra income question you may have so I can answer through […]

S1 EP 10 Give Back

We are now on the last episode for Season 1 of The SavingsPinay Podcast.    When we talk about money, it’s uncommon to discuss about giving back. Most often than not we are focused on other financial tasks such as budgeting, saving money, investing, and so on that we see giving as the least of the priorties.   But, genuine generosity is a sign of financial freedom.   It shows […]

Emergency Fund – What, Why, and How

Today I will share with you everything you need to know about Emergency Fund.   Emergency Fund is one of the five different savings account you should have in order to achieve financial freedom. It is important and you may have read about emergency fund in so many blog posts, financial books, and articles. But what is it really, why is it important, and how can you build one quick […]

March 2021 Net Worth Update

Welcome to another net worth update of 2021, the March 2021 Net Worth update.   How are you doing? If you’re new to SavingsPinay, you may be wondering why I post my net worth update every month. If you’re not you can easily skip to the next section.   The main reason why I do net worth updates is to stay accountable with my finances. As to why I share […]

S1 EP 9 Spend Wisely

Money is a strong resource for a man. It can buy power, prestige and luxury.   Unfortunately, money can also bring hatred, greed and dishonesty.   That’s why learning how to correctly spend your money is important. You have to be equipped on how money works.   The art of financial planning is not only centered on budget, savings, investment and others. Proper spending should also be discussed. Once you’ve […]

10 Best Peso Sense Ipon Challenge Stories

I am a big fan of Peso Sense  Facebook Page, specifically the #IponChallenge stories and testimonies the page shares.   I enjoy browsing and reading through real accounts of people who have succeeded in their saving goal through dedication and commitment.   With Quarter 1 done, I know most of you are pondering upon your 2021 goals and resolutions. Most of the time, to save an x amount of money is top […]

S1 EP8 Plan

One thing that differentiates a successful person and someone who is not, is having a PLAN.   In this episode we will dive closer to the term Financial Planning.   Financial Planning is such an important process that could help you achieve your financial goals. You are creating the very blueprint to your financial life. It will be a guide you will carefully consider before taking any financial decision. No […]