Month: March 2021

Reader Question – Which do I prioritize first? An emergency fund or life insurance?

Hi and welcome to a new Reader Question post.   I try to do this kind of post once or twice a month to give way to inquiries I receive on my personal Facebook account, the SavingsPinay PH on Facebook and through SavingsPinay PH on Instagram.   I do encourage you to send any budget, savings, investment or making extra income question you may have so I can answer through […]

S1 EP7 Diversification

In finance, diversification is the process of allocating capital in a way that reduces the exposure to any particular asset or risk.   The aim of diversification is to help an investor maximize returns by investing in various areas that would react differently to the changing movement of the economy. Diversification never guarantees that your investments will all be gaining. But it will surely minimize the risk of losing your […]

Net Worth – What, Why, and How

Knowing your net worth is one of the crucial steps you should to determine your financial situation.    Net worth, just like investing, may seem like a foreign word for some. You most likely only hear it on celebrities or politicians. But, we all have our net worth and we all must become aware what our current net worth is.   In this post I will be sharing the what […]

My Money Map for 2021

In today’s post I will share with you what’s inside my money map for 2021 or how I organize my finances as a whole.   This post is an update from the previous post I made here.   A money map is basically a visual representation of where your money goes. You can use apps to create shapes that would best represent the movement of your money. You can also […]

S1 E6 Invest Now, Invest Early | The SavingsPinay Podcast

Over the years, I have received emails from colleagues and readers asking how they can invest their money for the first time.   Investing is a big financial move.   And it can be pretty scary especially for first timers.   The day I decided to make my first investment, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I had my fears and reservations too.   But, what led me […]

10 Best Franchises under Php 1 Million

Have you ever thought of starting a business through franchising?   A franchise is a form of contract arrangement between you and another established business called the franchisor. You, as the franchisee, enter in an agreement to offer the goods and services of the franchisor with the applicable fees.   Franchising is a form of business model that gives you the following benefits:   Lower capital needed. Owning a franchise […]

February 2021 Net Worth Update

Welcome to another net worth update of 2021, the February 2021 Net Worth update.   How are you doing? If you’re new to SavingsPinay, you may be wondering why I post my net worth update every month. If you’re not you can easily skip to the next section.   The main reason why I do net worth updates is to stay accountable with my finances. As to why I share […]