Year: 2020

Let’s talk about Retirement

Retirement is a topic I have never really gotten too deep here in SavingsPinay.   I feel like I am not the right person to discuss it especially since I’m still in my mid 20s.   But, having been part of the few who started investing for their retirement at an early age, I’ve always known that there’s no better time to plan for your retirement than now.   Three […]

June 2020 Net Worth Update

Welcome to my June 2020 net worth update!   The reason why I do net worth updates is to stay accountable with my finances. I publish my real numbers as it is with the mission to continue to bridge the financial literacy gap for Filipinos one content at a time.   I hope you enjoy today’s post. June 2020 In June, the whole NCR was placed in General Enhanced Community. […]

Mid-Year Financial Review 2020

Today I’m doing my Mid-Year Financial Review for 2020!   I did this in 2017 and 2018 but wasn’t able to do one last year.   In this post we will reflect and look back and on how the first six months of the year has been in the area of finances.   As always, I focus in checking the progress and necessary adjustments I can do with the following: […]

How to Achieve Financial Independence for Pinoys

Financial Independence is such a broad topic.     We may all aspire to one day become financially independent in one way or another.     I, for example always knew that I wanted financial independence. I want to live a life where I am entitled to more than I can actually afford. I want to live a life where I can pursue a career of my choice and still get […]

Personal Equity and Retirement Account (P.E.R.A.) in the Philippines

Today's blog post has been a long time coming. I wanted to create a comprehensive post about Personal Equity and Retirement Account or PERA because I know that it could benefit a lot of SavingsPinay readers.   I first heard about PERA through Sir Fitz of Ready to be Rich. Reading his blog post is a good primer to know the facts about PERA. After 8 years, PERA is now […]

The 50-20-30 Budget Rule and How It’ll Save Your Finances!

The 50-20-30 Budget Rule was one of the very first financial lesson I shared on SavingsPinay.   It is one of the simplest and the easiest budget technique you can use to decide what percentage of your income goes to expenses, savings or others.   Instead of budgeting your income to 20 or more categories right away, you are encouraged to focus on three main categories: Essential Expenses, Financial Goals […]

S1 E4 Every Piso Counts | The SavingsPinay Podcast

You know what I love most about having alkansya?   Its the sound of the coins when you shake it. It is just fulfilling to know that slowly your savings are getting bigger and heavier.   It made me realize how every piso counts! I remember a year when I saved almost 2,768 pesos from collecting loose change! That amount can already buy you new clothes, new makeup, a grocery […]

Join the Investa Online Summit 2020 by Investagrams

This year, I'm so proud to be one of the official media partners of Investagrams for their much-awaited Investa Online Summit happening this June 27, 2020.   If you are not familiar yet with Investagrams, it is a one stop shop that provides a handy guidance for people who wants to start their journey in the world of stock market.   I first knew about Investagram when I started my […]

The Different Saving Funds You Should Own

There are 5 different saving funds you should own if you want to get your finances in order this 2020.   Over the years, saving money have become more and more vital. Learning how to save means valuing all your hard-earned money and becoming aware of what your priorities should be. All of us need to save money. It is a financial move that will give you a big edge […]