Month: August 2020

8 Smart Money Moves To Do In Your 20s

Today I will be revealing the smart money moves to do in your 20s if you want to build wealth fast!   I have always viewed 20s as the perfect age to get rich. Not only are you more active and motivated to succeed, but you also have a ton of opportunities to earn more, save better and spend less than the others.   It all boils down to one […]

July 2020 Net Worth Update

Welcome to my July 2020 net worth update!   The reason why I do net worth updates is to stay accountable with my finances. I publish my real numbers as it is with the mission to continue to bridge the financial literacy gap for Filipinos one content at a time.   I hope you enjoy today’s post.   July 2020 The month of July 2020 is all about adapting to […]

Retail Treasury Bonds – What, Why and How

Today is all about Retail Treasury Bonds.   We will talk about what retail treasury bonds is, why you should consider investing in it and how you can invest for the first time! Is this the first time you heard about Retail Treasury Bonds?   Then you are in for a treat! In this post I will share everything you need to know about Retail Treasury Bonds as an investment […]

How this 23 Year Old Started Her Online Negosyo during COVID Lockdown

Today we have an inspiring story about a 23 year olds who started her online negosyo during COVID-19 lockdown.   You may remember how I publish past success interviews before from this series I introduced last August 2017 where I interview ordinary people who has helpful and inspirational stories when it comes to personal finance, investment and making extra income.   Do you remember Romer, a young marino who is doing […]