Month: May 2020

Why You Should Invest in the Stock Market Even If…

The stock market is dropping.   And it seems like it will continue to fluctuate for the rest of the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.   Scary, isn’t it?   Every single day I read people online expressing their anger and regret that the market value of their current investment is on a negative.   And I can honestly sympathize with that.   I had my fair share of red marks […]

How to Actually be Good with Money

We all want to be good with money.   To be honest, staying good in terms of my finances is something that I am constantly working on.   I will have days when I save and days when all I do is spend. I am not perfect and though I have a whole lot of posts talking about money management, I still stumble in terms of owning my budget, committing on […]

S1E3 Expand Your Financial Knowledge

Financial literacy is important.   There’s no doubt about that.   How well you understand money and its components can play a crucial role in achieving success. With proper financial education you can make better financial decision. 1. You will know the importance of keeping a budget. 2. You will know why you must save at least 20% of your salary every month. 3. You will understand the different funds […]

7 Ways You Can Invest in Yourself

Today I am sharing 7 ways you can invest in yourself.   Its time to think about you and how you can make your life better. Sometimes we are too busy giving to others that we forget to provide to ourselves.   This post is the complete opposite. We will be a little selfish and empower each other. But first,   Why should you invest in yourself? Investing in yourself […]

Common Money Mistakes Pinoys Make and How to Fix Them

Money mistakes are everywhere. I have my own share of shortcomings especially back when I was just beginning my journey to financial freedom.   You all know that I used to be an overspender. I live way above my means and will still need the financial support of my parents for my food and travel expenses to survive until the next paycheck comes.   Because I was in such a […]

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Invest in Stocks

Since my announcement that I'm investing in stocks I received an overwhelming number of personal messages from friends and colleagues asking how investing in stocks works.   I am both happy and proud that my post have ignited the fire within these particular people to also invest for their future.   Stock investing can be scary, confusing and complicated. And so today I gathered some of the frequently asked questions about […]

April 2020 Net Worth Update

Welcome to my April 2020 net worth update!   The reason why I do net worth updates is to stay accountable with my finances. I publish my real numbers as it is with the mission to continue to bridge the financial literacy gap for Filipinos one content at a time.   I hope you enjoy today’s post.   April 2020 I spent the month of April primarily at home because […]

S1E2 Pay Yourself First

Over time that I’ve been blogging and chasing financial freedom I learned that saving money is far more important than any other concept available.   Saving money is more than just having a reserve amount. It means prioritizing yourself! The essence of saving money is to pay yourself first.   Robert Kiyosaki, an American businessman and author of famous book Rich Dad, Poor Dad once said, “It’s not how much […]