Month: February 2020

Spavings – What, Why and How

Have you heard of the term SPAVINGS?   One of my 2020 Financial Goals is to do spavings and record it. I had my first ever spavings update last time when I did my January 2020 Net Worth Update.   And boy was I happy and giggling inside.   Finally, I am really experiencing the benefits of spavings.   It has only been one month since I tried spavings but […]

Best Mutual Funds in the Philippines for 2020 | An Update

Last Update February 2020   Have you considered investing in any of the best mutual funds in the Philippines this 2020?   If yes, then this post may help you decide the best mutual fund in the Philippines to invest with.   Finding out the best mutual fund in the Philippines is hard.   To start with, the top performing mutual fund change every year.   You also need to […]

January 2020 Net Worth Update

Welcome to the first net worth update of 2020!   The last time I published my net worth update was July 2019 and I thought it would be nice to bring it back so I stay accountable as well to my finances.   I hope you enjoy today’s post.   January 2020           The month of January 2020 quickly became the longest month of the year. […]