Month: June 2019

Sinking Funds – What, Why and How

Today I will share to you everything you need to know about sinking funds.   Is this your first time hearing the term sinking funds?   Years ago I shared five different savings accounts you should have in order to achieve financial freedom. I mentioned emergency fund, debt-payment fund, investment fund, personal savings fund and retirement fund.   Sinking funds is also a term used for personal savings fund.   […]

May 2019 Net Worth Update

Welcome to my May 2019 net worth update.   It will be in the same layout as last month as I want the net worth updates to stay as simple as possible and reflect real numbers and situations.   May 2019 Can’t believe we are now on the month of June. It seems like yesterday when I was deciding on my goals for 2019. Now, the year is definitely halfway […]

7 Side Hustles I Did To Make Extra Php 5000 a Month

Today’s post I will talk about the different side hustles I did to make extra Php 5000 a month.   Side hustle changed my life for the better.   It helped me accomplish the following: Boost my savings Increase my investments Have enough capital for a possible business venture or passion project Pay-off debt (credit card) Extra money for shopping, paying bills or vacation   Truly, I am thankful God […]