Month: May 2019

How to Budget for Beginners : The Only Post You Need To Read

Today we will talk about budgeting for beginners.   We all hear how important budgeting is. They say if you are truly serious to reach financial independence and early retirement then you need to master the art of making a budget.   A budget is an estimate of your income and expenses over a set period of time. Normally done on a monthly basis, budgets work to: Allocate your salary/income/money […]

April 2019 Net Worth Update

Welcome to my April 2019 net worth update.   It will be in the same layout as last month as I want the net worth updates to stay as simple as possible and reflect real numbers and situations.       April 2019   The month of April was indeed a blast. I attended a conference and a one-day crash course all related to work. The super learner in me […]

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide on Index Funds in the Philippines

Today I’ll talk more about index funds in the Philippines.   DISCLAIMER – Make sure you read and understand the entirety of the post before deciding. What you do with your money is completely your own. I am not a financial advisor.   This is actually not the first time I’ve talked about index funds. I mentioned it as part of the best investment for retirement in the Philippines.   […]