Month: April 2019

I Live Paycheck to Paycheck, How Can I Save Money

Living paycheck to paycheck without any savings is not something new to me.   I experienced this during my first few years of having a real job. Back then, I have no idea about budgeting, tracking my expenses and living below my means. I keep on making expenses here and there.   And even though I earn extra money from hosting weddings and events, I ended up saving nothing.   […]

March 2019 Net Worth Update

Welcome to my March 2019 net worth update.   It will be in the same layout as last month as I want the net worth updates to stay as simple as possible and reflect real numbers and situations. March 2019   It was a busy month for yours truly. You may notice the lack of post and I’m truly sorry for being missing in action.   As I revealed last […]