Year: 2019

9 Smart Ways You Can Spend Your 13th Month Pay this Year

It’s the time of the year again when 13th month is here.   You may have a list of ideas on how you’re going to spend it but hinay-hinay lang kapatid.   There’s nothing wrong in buying your wants with your extra cash but if you want a change then you might want to think again and become a wise spender.   Here are 9 smart ways you can spend […]

Budgeting for Broke Millennials

Today we will dive deeper into the topic of budgeting for broke millennials.   I sincerely resonate with this subject matter since I can call myself a “broke millennial” once. I used to live paycheck to paycheck with no savings or investments at all.   Enriching my financial quotient helped me to break the bad habit and led me to be as passionate as I am today in sharing what […]

Reader Question: I’m 18 years old and want to learn how to invest my money

"I'm 18 years old and want to learn how to invest my money" – John, reader.   Hi John! I am very much happy reading this email from my Inbox the other day.   I've always been open of how much I take age as human's greatest advantage. And reading your question make me feel so kilig.   You are 18 and you feel that excitement (hopefully) to learn […]

Best Savings Account for Your Kids in the Philippines

Today we will be focusing on the best savings account for your kids.   I believe one of the best financial move one can do as parents is to start saving up money for the future.   The money set aside in your kids savings account can help during tough college years. Imagine keeping a savings account and giving it as a gift once they turn 18 years old?   […]

Investing in IPO for Beginners – What, Why and How

Today we will talk about IPO.   IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, a process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public as a new stock listing.   Just last week, Kepwealth Property Philippines, Inc. or KPPI IPO went public and it caused so much noise from the investing public. From an initial public offering of Php 5.47 it closed at Php 8.15 a share on its […]

CFA Society Makes Gen Z Future-Read with 4th Philippine Junior Finance and Investment Summit

Last September 7, 2019, I attended the CFA Society Philippines Conference for its ongoing Junior Finance and Investment Summit.   The event was held in SMX Convention Center Manila with the theme "Measure Up to Level Up."   Among the speakers during the press con were  John Balce, CFA, Senior Managing Director of FTI Consulting Philippines, Inc.; Andrew Stotz, Co-founder and CEO, A. Stotz Investment Research; Cristina Arceo, CFA, Chairman of […]

Intro to Feeder Funds – How To Easily Invest in US Stocks in the Philippines

Did you know that you can invest in US stocks in the Philippines?   Surprise!   Not much information has been said online about Feeder Funds Philippines.   Feeder funds invest in an international fund known as the target fund. It is made available for Filipino investors as an additional means of diversification and to have access with international stocks mainly, the US stocks.   If you are thinking of […]

July 2019 Net Worth Update

Welcome to my July 2019 net worth update.   It will be in the same layout as last month as I want the net worth updates to stay as simple as possible and reflect real numbers and situations.   July 2019   Again, July went by too fast in my opinion. Even though there were no holidays this month, I still felt like the days flew by too quickly.   […]

BDO wins Gold in Kidlat Awards

BDO Unibank, Inc. becomes the first-ever bank to win the coveted Gold Award in the prestigious 2019 Kidlat Awards, an annual creative competition celebrating the country’s most creative advertising work of the past year.   Organized by the 4As Philippines’ Creative Guild, the Kidlat Awards cited BDO for its creative digital campaign highlighting overseas Filipinos finding ways to provide for their families back home—even if it means doing unconventional jobs […]

7 Money Moves To Do Every Month to Reset, Refresh and Get Ahead

Today I will share with you 7 money moves you can do every month in order to reset, refresh and get ahead of your finances. The beginning of every month is a crucial time frame especially for your financial health. It is the perfect time to ponder upon what you are doing well and realize what could be improved moving forward. If you really want to reset, refresh and get ahead […]