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January 7, 2020

Today I will be sharing the most popular posts in for 2019.most-popular-posts-2019


I still can’t believe that 2019 is over. It seems like yesterday when I’m planning on the content that I want to publish on the blog.


The year 2019 has been slow in terms of growth for the blog. I was missing-in-action for most of the months of the year. I failed big time in my goal of doubling the number of posts I made for 2018.


Same as last, last year I am very proud of the articles I’ve written. They maybe only 31, but I know I was able to publish insightful posts that aligns to my mission of helping Filipinos bridge the financial literacy gap.


In a nutshell this year on the blog can be summarized as follows (in numbers):


31 Number of Posts Published

187,208 Pageviews in the year

15,600 Average Monthly Pageviews

2730 Current Email Subscribers

4,573 Current Followers on Facebook

$342 Money Earned through Adsense (December still not counted!) We have lower year-long and month-long pageviews but the rest are all up from last year.


Again, I couldn’t thank you enough for staying and reading the blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being part of the SavingsPinay community on Facebook.


Before I list down the most popular posts in SavingsPinay for 2019, let me first give you a run through on what to expect to the blog this 2020.








What to Expect in SavingsPinay This New Year


More Posts

I know, I know I’ve mentioned this as part of the expectations last year.


And I also know it was a major fail.


However, I have a different schedule now at work. We have this so called flexi time arrangement wherein your time out depends on how early you time in.


My aim for 2020 is to go to work early so I can also work on the blog at least three hours every day without sacrificing my time with the family and of course time with God.


So the same target schedule will apply – a new post every Tuesday and Thursday. I would want to end 2020 with at least 100 posts published. Crossing my fingers I can do it.


SavingsPinay on Instagram

Before 2019 ended, I created an Instagram account for SavingsPinay. You can follow it where I post bite-sized pieces of content that still aims to teach Filipinos on personal finance.


I will be active on the said platform this year so please do follow me there for a different kind of content.


Finance Videos


Another goal I have is to get back to doing YouTube videos focused on finance. I was able to do some videos over the past couple of years but never consistent.


I know how “in” videos are nowadays plus I get to explain things better when I speak. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you won’t miss any of my video posts moving forward.


SavingsPinay Podcast

This may be a shock to everyone but something exciting that I’m working on for 2020 is a podcast.


I’m a frustrated DJ and it has always been a dream of mine to star in my own radio program. Haha. I already know the outline of how the podcast will be done so all I have to do now is find the time to record, edit and upload. I plan to do it on Spotify and iTunes. Wow. This literally makes me excited.


I hope the above makes you excited for what’s next with this blog. Now I can move on to the most popular articles in SavingsPinay for 2018. Based on the pageviews alone, here they are:









Most Popular Posts in SavingsPinay for 2019


GCash Invest Money Review

I made this post in partnership with GCash and it has been well received all year round. I believe the platform is great and now they even opened their doors for as low as Php 50 investment. In this post I was able to give the complete introduction of the GCash Invest Money option inside the GCash App. From how the GCash Invest Money work, the features, fees and frequently asked questions. If you are looking for a low cost investment for diversification AND you already have (and enjoy) GCash as an app, this post is a good read.


7 Money Moves To Do Every Month to Reset, Refresh, and Get Ahead

I personally love this post and happy I was able to publish it. We all want to reset, to refresh and to get ahead of our finances especially on a monthly basis.


I always believe how the beginning of every month is a crucial time frame especially for your financial health. It is the perfect time to ponder upon what you are doing well and realize what could be improved moving forward.


If you really want to reset, to refresh and to get ahead of your money matters especially this 2020, then this post is a timely read for sure.


January 2019 Net Worth Update

My very first net worth update for 2019. This is also the first release of my revised month-end report format on the blog. I also received my first Adsense payment for the year which came as a surprise since I earned $59.48, the highest I’ve ever earned in a month. If you enjoy following along someone’s financial journey then this post is the right read for you.


I Live Paycheck to Paycheck, How Can I Save Money?

We all can relate with the term “paycheck to paycheck”. Living paycheck to paycheck simply means getting always broke before the next payday begins. This is a common scenario present especially to those who earn just one source of income – salary.


As a financial advocate, and as someone who had once been in the said arrangement, I can tell you how stressful living paycheck to paycheck is. You are left wondering where you will get the money to commute, eat lunch or pay for an emergency. Paycheck-to-paycheck approach also makes one vulnerable in getting into debt whether it be a loan in the bank or a person.


In this post I was able to provide valuable insights as to why Filipinos can’t help but fall in the money trap of living paycheck to paycheck. I also gave 8 doable actions to combat the problem.


How To Budget for Beginners – The Only Post You Need To Read

Budgeting is such a core topic in personal finance. Every good thing you can have in terms of money, starts with having a budget you can follow religiously.


My vision for this post is to provide a thorough guide, everything you need to know tips on budgeting. I am glad with the response received with this post.


It was lengthy but worth all the effort. Among the lessons I discussed in the post are how to budget for beginners, how to create a budget in 5 easy steps, as well as how to create an effective budget. Make it a goal to set a budget every single month this 2020.


Best Savings Accounts for Kids in the Philippines

Another lengthy post but totally worth the read. I know moms (and dads) out there curious as to where to best save for their kids’ future. I always believe that preparation is good when it comes to finances.


It’s always better to be early knowing that tuition fees increase to up to 10% every year. The tuition fee that you child needs 10 to 15 years from now may already double from the current rate.


So, why not save for it as early as today.


In this post I mentioned a ton of best savings accounts for kids in the Philippines including the fees, account opening requirements, and features.


I’m 18 Years Old and Want To Learn How To Invest My Money

This is a Reader Question that makes me happy to answer. As I mentioned previously, it’s always better to be early. Investing at 18 years old is such a great move especially if you are aiming for a sound retirement. In this post I was able to give my insights on how someone as young as 18 years old can start investing.


Investing in IPO for Beginners

2019 will always be remembered as the year of IPOs with a three new listings in a single year. A-MAZ-ING.


IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, a process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public as a new stock listing.


In this post I gave complete information of what IPO is, how it works, the advantages and disadvantages of investing in IPOs, and my take whether it will be a worthy investment. I also mentioned previous IPO case studies such as Double Dragon (DD), Wilcon (WLCON) and Cemex Holdings Philippines (CHP). Should you be interested in learning more about IPOs, this post is something you should spend your time reading.


Sinking Funds – What, Why and How

Have you heard of the term “sinking funds”?


A sinking fund is typically small amount you set aside every week, every month or every year into a specific goal that’s personal to you.


People build a sinking fund to purchase furniture, luxury items, gifts, upgrades and such. This is also the same fund you build for dream vacations like a trip to El Nido, Palawan or your first trip abroad.


You can create a sinking fund to any short-term goal you may have. And it’s actually easy to apply on your current lifestyle as well.


This post will show you exactly the what, the why and the how of a sinking fund. With this post I was able to differentiate Sinking Fund vs. Emergency Fund, define the importance of having your own Sinking Fund, a step-by-step process in setting up your sinking fund for beginners plus all the other meaty details you need to know.


The Ultimate Beginners Guide on Index Funds in the Philippines

Another ultimate guide that I’m very proud that I've done. Index Funds are the newest type of funds everyone should take advantage of. It is your very access to passive investment for a fraction of a price.


In December last year, I sold all of my individual stocks to invest in an index fund. As much as I want to get rich and make money, it suddenly became less of a priority. All I want is to ride the market as early as I could. I don’t want to compete with it or beat it. If you are curious on how investing in index funds work, read this post.


Final Notes from SavingsPinay

Runner ups:


Although below posts didn’t make it to the top list I consider them as some of the best posts I’ve ever published –

Do You Have Poverty Mindset?

How To Take Control of Your Finances This 2019

7 Side Hustles I Did To Make Extra Php 5000 a month

Budgeting for Broke Millennials

Intro to Feeder Funds – How to Easily Invest in US Stocks in the Philippines


Thank you so much for patronizing this blog through the years. I can’t believe we are now going years here.


Hopefully, you are still liking the posts I do. Happy New Year.


Which post do you find most helpful?



Clariza Glino

Izza of SavingsPinay helps Filipinos bridge the financial literacy gap one content at a time by providing insights and tips on budgeting, saving, investing, side hustle and growing your net worth. Aside from this blog she also writes at, a beauty and lifestyle blog for frugal Pinays and manages,, a wedding and event business since 2011. For inquiries, topic suggestions or future collaborations email her at

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