Year: 2016

How to Invest Your 5,000 Pesos

I am so excited for today’s blog post because finally I will be covering an investment topic. All of us want to get rich one day and a step you can take to secure a better finances tomorrow is investing today.  But how can you invest with just 5,000 pesos? I chose the magic 5,000 pesos for a couple of reason. One, it is the easiest amount of money you […]

All About Searching Jobs in the Philippines

This blog post is very timely especially since it is the marching period. I hope before reading the rest of this post you have already checked out my timeless tips for new graduates HERE and HERE. Today we will be talking about job search and specifically in the Philippines. From How to Find a Job, Job Search Engine That Works, Strategies That Will Make Search for a Job Fast and […]

A Break Down of My Financial Goals for 2016

Before 2015 ended I shared my Personal and Financial Goals in a blog post. You can also quickly go to the link at my SavingsPinay’s footer to read it. Now that it’s March already I thought it would be nice to share a breakdown of my financial goals. In this post I’ll also share the steps that I am doing and will be doing to achieve them all on or […]

More Career Lessons for New Graduates

My biggest congratulations to Batch 2016 Graduates! In the next 1-3 years you will find yourself in the challenging journey of transitioning from university to work. I’ve been in that situation and still facing big financial and career decisions up until today. Funny how sometimes I want to go back to school when before I have always wanted to work in an office.  Now that I am on my second […]

How to Earn Extra Money Online

Over the past blog posts I have shared how to be rich by spending less though a proper budget. Today I wanted to focus on how to be rich by making more money. Nowadays one can’t just rely on one source of income anymore. Making extra income isn’t just an option but a necessity to survive and to continue living with current lifestyle. Thankfully there are ways you can make extra […]

Anatomy of a Successful Budget

Budgets aren’t just done for nothing. It is the core foundation of a solid personal finance. A person who knows how to budget and commit to it will most likely be on the right track to financial freedom. Now what makes a budget successful? What elements should be involved or more so what shouldn’t be involved? In today’s post we will be focusing on the anatomy of a successful budget. A […]

When to Quit Your Job and How To Do It

If you’ve read my second year anniversary working in Makati post you’ll know that I am currently contemplating whether to stay or to leave my current job. I see 99 reasons to quit but there’s 1 reason that’s making me do otherwise. WiFun has been my second home already. I feel safe and sound when I am at the office and I even have days when I want to go […]

SavingsPinay February Quick Recap

February has been the worst month for SavingsPinay because I failed to blog everyday and I feel so guilty that I didn’t publish that much content. Anyhow we still have some highlights of the month so let me share to you a quick recap of how February went. We reached 109,000++ Pageviews. Whoo… last month we just reached 100k pageviews and now we are so near to 110,000!!! My goal for […]

My 2nd Year Anniversary Working in Makati

February 26 marks my 2nd year anniversary working in Makati. I can’t believe I will last this long in my current company considering how I easily used  to things. I lasted only 1-3 months in my firs two jobs before I finally settled in my current work. READ: My Life, My Job, My Career and 6 Things that Helped Me Succeed. Today I will try to celebrate my second year […]

Easy and Cheap Day Hike for Beginners at Mt. Manabu

If you go over my personal blog IzzaGlino you know that I had my first ever hiking experience last last week. It was one proudest moment of my life. I reached the summit together with my hiking group that includes my high school classmate Jevy and her other mountaineer friends. My Mt. Manabu Day Hike Experience is memorable for me and today I want to give you a detailed guide […]