Year: 2016

SavingsPinay April Quick Recap

The month of April passed by so quickly. Its funny yet terrifying to know that we are almost through the half of 2016. I still haven’t blogged that much for April because of procrastination and busy schedule but I am happy to announce that April has been the highest month for unique visits this year. I am extending my appreciation to everyone who continuously enjoy reading SavingsPinay. And so let’s begin […]

Ultimate Guide to Mt. Daraitan Day Hike (w/ Side Trips at Tinipak River and Underground Cave)

I have shared before in post about an easy and cheap day hike perfect for beginners at Mt. Manabu. This time I will be sharing a complete guide with itinerary and expenses on my second climb this year, Mt. Daraitan. And did I mention that this is not just an ordinary climb? We also had side trips at Tinipak River and Underground Cave. If you want an adventure and relaxation […]

My FAMI-SALEF Investment Update!!!

It’s been a long time since I updated you guys about my FAMI-SALEF Mutual Fund Investment. Can’t even believe that its been two years already since I started my investing journey through FAMI Mutual Fund. Its a big financial move that I did at 19 and never regretted ever since.  A Back Story I invested in a FAMI-Save and Learn Equity Fund last January 2013. FAMI-SALEF is one of the […]

BPI Investment Funds First Impression

Long time no first impression post. I miss doing this type of post because I know it could help others decide to invest. A good investment should be well-researched from advantages to disadvantages, ins and outs, etc. In today’s post I will be giving my first impression on BPI Investment Funds.   BPI is a very common bank here in the Philippines and has been my bank of choice for […]

Achieving Work Life Balance this 2016

About two years ago I posted a How I Balance Life and Work. Again, I admit that I am way far from achieving the ideal work-life balance.  I am trying hard to prioritize work but still enjoying life’s precious moments. For someone like me who’s a Jill of all Trades, Master of None, balancing work and life is an endless chase to be honest.  But its a process I enjoy. […]

Becoming a Virtual Assistant: What Does a Virtual Assistant Do and 4 Ways to Get Started

Aside from freelance writing, becoming a virtual assistant is another way you can have an additional income at the comfort of your home. It is an in demand opportunity since a lot of individuals and businesses need someone who can offer various services in an affordable and convenient way.  A virtual assistant is someone who offers administrative or personal assistance and work remotely (home-based) for various clients. Another definition of […]

Jobs with High Salary in the Philippines

The graduation season has begun and new graduates will face the early challenges of finding a job. And as many will introduce you to the idea of working for experience first, many will surely aspire jobs with high salary right?  Today’s career post will focus on industries/jobs that can guarantee competitive salary perfect for someone who’s wanting to provide a more solid financial foundation for the future. New graduates are […]

SavingsPinay March Quick Recap

Things are becoming better for SavingsPinay in terms of posts. Yes I know it is half the goal of 20-22 posts a month but at least it is an improvement compared to February. There are also highlights for March that I am excited to share. Let’s start. 1. We reached 117,000++ Pageviews We surpassed our goal for March to reach 115,000 pageviws on SavingsPinay. Yehey!!! Now for April I will […]

How to Make Money with Lazada

Lazada is one of the leading online shop in the country today. It put the online shop business in a whole new level by bringing convenience and reasonably-priced products to the community. Within months of their operation, Lazada became a go to website by a lot of local shoppers to look and to buy for items they need and want.  But aside from the variety of items you can buy […]

My Pampanga 2D+1N Itinerary and Expenses

This post is long overdue. I have shared my travel diary almost a month ago and I am so sorry that I will only be revealing my itinerary and expenses today. March has been a very off and lazy month for the blogger in me. Again My Pampanga Travel Diary is live on IzzaGlino so if you are looking for what happened during my 2D+1N in Pampanga with side story on the […]