Year: 2016

SavingsPinay May Quick Recap

I can’t believe that we are now half past 2016. I still have a lot to achieve on my goals but I’m very happy that most of the big rocks for this year have been already been done. The blog also had a lot going on for May and I love to give a quick recap on things here and there. Let’s begin. We reached 130,000++ Pageviews On last month’s […]

Weekly Notes #02 | The Best of Personal Finance Tips and Must-Reads

Hi and welcome to new SavingsPinay Weekly Notes. I wasn’t able to publish last week’s installment because I attended Blogapalooza 2016 and I had so much fun. You can click THIS LINK to read my experience. Anyhow without further ado I’d like to share to you the best posts I have searched and read and will surely be helpful in everyone’s personal finance life.Weekly Notes #02 | The Best of […]

Join Me in SavingsPinay’s Facebook Community!

Finally I am launching and activating an exclusive Facebook Group to all SavingsPinay Readers!!! This Facebook Group/Community aims to gather people from all sorts of age, gender and location that’s interested in the world of Personal Finance. We will become friends and buddies as we deal in the day to day struggle of making, saving and investing money.  Click here to join The SavingsPinay Facebook Group is more of a […]

How to Make Money with a Blog in the Philippines

Today’s post is another Installment of our How to Make Money Online series. If you miss the last two posts you can click HERE and HERE. The purpose of these type of articles is to show you how that there’s money online. As mentioned over the past money lessons we have, one source of income is not enough. We all need to hustle and make extra pesos to fund our […]

On Things I Want To Make Time For

Monday is dedicated to personal posts here in SavingsPinay. I know how most of the time this blog get a little serious with all the financial terms and money matters we discuss. And so to lighten up everything I decided to dedicate a day of the week when I let you have a glimpse about me as an ordinary Pinay obsessed in personal finance.  Today’s post is all about the […]

Weekly Notes #01 | The Best of Personal Finance Tips and Must-Reads

Hi and welcome to the first installment of SavingsPinay Weekly Notes! I was inspired to create a weekly post that involves only links concerning personal finance and other money matters that are worth the click. I hope with these posts you’ll be more inspired to take charge of your finances. I’ve had such an amazing time searching and reading the posts I compiled in this Weekly Notes #01 | The […]

My Voting Experience #Halalan2016

Last Monday I exercised my right to vote for the first time. I knew I wanted to make a blog post out of my voting experience I am just torn between publishing it over my personal blog, IzzaGlino or here at SavingsPinay. Well, since you’ve been reading it in the blog you know what my chose was, right?! The #Halalan2016 is the social-media election of the century. It trended in […]

Blog Update, New Posting Schedule and Quick Announcement

Hi everyone! As of this writing I am probably in the middle of voting for the next  Philippine leaders. This is my first time to vote and I honestly have mixed emotions. Are you a first-time voter too? Anyhow, I have a blog update, new posting schedule and quick announcement to make. Sounds great, yes?! Blog Update SavingsPinay has been active since 2013 and with over 350++ posts and counting […]

How to Make Money with YouTube

As always the online community is very generous when it comes to income-generating ideas and I am a living proof that you can really make extra money online. READ: My Year-End Extra Income Report Today’s post is a continuation on the series of articles that discuss how to make money online. If you want to learn how to make money on YouTube and many more continue to read the rest of […]

Does Customer Rewards Card Really Work?

A friend once wondered why I’m so obsessed in so-called rewards card. He told me that in a broader sense, rewards card and/or customer loyalty program doesn’t really add value to the consumer but rather to the company itself. You buy to that brand and receive points but you can only that points to purchase the item on the same brand.  His point make sense right? I honestly thought hard about his […]