Month: January 2016

SavingsPinay January Quick Recap

It’s time to wrap up the highlights of the month through a quick post. Welcome to SavingsPinay’s January Quick Recap. We hit 100,000++ Pageviews.  Though it’s a little sad that we didn’t hit the goal before 2015 ends I still would like to extend my huge thank you for making my dream come true. We are now a hundred thousand pageviews in SavingsPinay!!! This means a lot especially to me […]

How Much Money Should You Save Each Month?

It’s given that saving money is one of the fundamental step towards financial freedom. Nobody can be called financially free without his or her savings. Your savings could affect how you’ll achieve your goals, live your life and prepare for the future. So on today’s post we will be getting real with our SAVINGS.  How Much of Your Income Should You Save Every Month? Perhaps that question has been on your […]

My Personal Finance Books Collection

I am still in the whole Financial Planning 101 series with today’s post. I thought it will be nice to show you the personal finance books I’ve collected ever time. My love for books is evident on my personal blog, IzzaGlino when almost every week I try to include a blog-related post.  I have been fascinated to the topic of personal finance since I started SavingsPinay. Thus, I’ve accumulated a number of […]

SERIES | Overview of January SavingsPinay Series Financial Planning 101

Hooray for finishing January SavingsPinay Series! Thank you for spending your time reading the posts and supporting this blog. We have arrived finally on the overview of the series and at the end of this post I will be giving a free infographic on the A to Z of Personal Finance you can download and share to anyone.  Let’s a review for a second A financial plan starts from a […]

SERIES | Financial Planning 101 : Day 4 Personal Finance Moves You Ought to be Doing

This will be the last day of Financial Planning 101 but we still have tomorrow’s overview with free infographic to look forward. I hope you enjoyed the January SavingsPinay Series from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.  One common mistake that people make in terms of managing their money is the lack of financial plan. Many overlook the importance of a solid financial plan jumping to small and big financial […]

SERIES | Day 3 Financial Planning 101 : Personal Finance Tips + Free Infographic

We are now on Day 3 of the Financial Planning 101 Series. Again thank you for the positive feedback and I really do hope that the information you read helps. READ: Introduction Post, DAY 1 and DAY 2. Day 3 is a massive list of Personal Finance Tips that Everyone Ought to Know. I’ve collected quiet a few advice, tips, strategies and so on that I believe will be of […]

SERIES | Financial Planning 101: Day 2 Elements of a Solid Financial Plan

Welcome to Day 2 of our January SavingsPinay Series. If you missed the Introductory Post of this series clink HERE. If you missed Day 1 click HERE. A quick message of appreciation first to those who have shown their support on Financial Planning 101 Series. Hope you’s share the series to your friends via Facebook or email. I also encourage you to comment below and share your opinions. It would […]

SERIES | Financial Planning 101: Day 1 Top 5 Personal Finance Basics

Welcome to Day 1 of our January SavingsPinay Series. If you missed the introduction then you can click this LINK or the post yesterday.  Financial Planning 101 is a great way to kick start the New Year right with your finances. You will be introduced to the importance knowing the what and ho of money. In the hope that the more you learn about money, the more you will be […]

SAVINGSPINAY SERIES | Financial Planning 101

This week we will have the very first SavingsPinay Series. This will be a four-day part with an overview on Day 5. I hope you will like the series of posts and it will help you prepare your finances for the New Year. Personal Finance covers a lot of topics about money. From budgeting, savings, spending, investing, retirement planning and more — they are all part of a bigger umbrella. […]

My New Budget and Spending Tracker Notebook

Last year I shared a DIY Spending Tracker. I was desperate to be on top of my finances and tracking my spending is such a brilliant idea. I know exactly where my money is going.  Though writing down how much money I spent in a day can be pretty time-consuming, I’ve grown to love the process. Hindi na ko nanghuhula kung saan napupunta yung pera ko. The daily log also made me […]