Year: 2015

SAVINGSPINAY SERIES | Day 1 : Mutual Fund: Ano, Sino, Saan, Kailan, Bakit at Paano?

Today is the start of the SavingsPinay Series: Yumaman sa Mutual Fund. I am so excited to share in-depth thoughts on a  – particular topic that’s close to my heart — Mutual Fund. December 2013 when I got interested with Mutual Fund. I was into reading books and personal finance blog back then. It is also the time when SavingsPinay started. Out of curiosity I applied for a Save and […]

SavingsPinay Series: Yumaman sa Mutual Fund!

The SavingsPinay Series is back!   Last month I decided to bring back the blog series and on my Must Do’s Before 2015 Ends I mentioned that I am planning on making three blog series. One for October (DONE!), another for November and last but not the least will be December.  To recap, the SavingsPinay Series is created for in-depth look/thorough explanation of a particular subject or topic.  This November I […]

Personal Financial Habits That Can Make You Become Richer

Now that a new year is about to start many will most probably reflect on how 2015 went. I am not 100% happy with what I did this year. You may have read and visited my 2015 Personal and Financial Goals and still many of the items didn’t push through READ: Mid-Year Update of My Personal and Financial Goals. But it’s a far better year than 2014 and this is […]

My 2015 Blogapalooza Experience

It was my first time attending a Blogapalooza event. A day of the year reserved for the grandest and biggest Business to Blogger (B2B) event. It was held in One Esplanade, Pasay last October 26. I went to the event with my ever supportive sister who photographed me and the happening. The event is from 10am-6pm and booths from different brands (small to well-known) lined up and waiting to be visited […]

SavingsPinay’s October Quick Recap

Today’s post is my quick recap about SavingsPinay for the recently concluded month of October. Again, the blog posts I was able to publish was low. Blame the procrastinator in me that I can’t possibly beat. But know that I am trying my hardest to regain my blog sanity and become a productive blogger. I wish maintaining a blog will be easy but sadly it takes more than just a […]

Do It Yourself Spending Tracker Notebook

 Last week I shared to you How I Still Choose to Love Budgeting Even If it Doesn’t Love Me Back. I even gave my resolution and one of the key items is to track where my money goes. I searched in Pinterest some formats of expense tracker. I can easily use Excel to create a spreadsheet but then I thought it would be better to manually record everything I spend. […]

My Must Do’s Before 2015 Ends

The end of the year is fast approaching. It is literally two months and a half before a new year begins. Sometimes I wonder where did the days go. It seems like the older you get the faster the months go by. There are several things that I want to do and to accomplish before the year ends and I wanted to share everything to you guys so we can […]

Security Bank’s UITF First Impression

I was browsing my post statistics last night when I noticed that my PNB UITF First Impression post is performing pretty well. It consistently becomes part of my popular posts week by week. This gave me an idea that more readers nowadays are looking for reviews on products they can possibly invest with.  So today I will be reviewing the UITF of a bank that had undergone some rebranding. I […]

How I Still Choose to Love Budgeting Even If It Doesn’t Love Me Back

I believe I’ve share what I know about budgeting in a number of post. I shared how to create one, how to choose your budget categories and what methods I use. From notebook style, envelope style to the 50-20-30 method.  Budgeting is such a classic financial term that everyone should and must know of. And don’t just become aware of what’s and how’s of budgeting but totally commit to it. […]

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time

I want to be honest that I, too, fail in living my life intentionally. It feels like day to day challenge being able to lie up to the expectation of others. You wanted to be the productive you but the more you show that you can succeed in a task, the more people in your surround will depend on you. But instead of “magmukmok” in the sad reality of being […]