Month: December 2015

SavingsPinay’s 12-Month Money Makeover | Exclusive to My SavingsPinay Mailing List

  For about 8 months now I gathered people over my mailing list by providing the Make Your 2015 The Best Year Ever eBook. It’s the sign up message that pops up when yo go to SavingsPinay blog.  If you’ve sent your email address then it means you are part of the mailing list. You can also close the pop up message and continue reading the posts.  Now, I know […]

My #iBlog11 2-Day Blogging Summit Experience

It was my first time attending a iBlog Blogging Summit and I am literally so blessed with the experienced. For the longest time I’ve been praying for a legit workshop/conference that I could attend to and will enhance my knowledge.  And not only have I found the perfect conference for me, as a matter of fact it is two days and it’s free. Before I start my post about my […]

All About 13th Month Pay in the Philippines

To start the week, we will be talking about 13th Month Pay in the Philippines. I hope as you read this post you already received your 13th month pay and who known maybe your company even give you a 14th, 15th and even 16th month pay. Lucky you. For those who, like me, still haven’t received their 13th Month then I don’t lose hope. Nagsisimula pa lang ang December. For […]

Saving and Investing Tips for 20-somethings

Today’s post is dedicated to my 20-somethings SavingsPinay readers. I will impartinng some of the best Saving and Investing Tips that can make you take advantage of your age. I am a big believer that the 20’s are the best time to save money and to learn how to invest so I hope in this post you will find out helpful financial tips. The Need to Save and Invest Money […]

How to Plan Your Work Week | A Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm Guide from a Working Girl in Makati

Starting today I want to avoid becoming that person who just long for the weekend. I love my job but with all the work and the pressure I get these days when I just wish weekend will be nearer/closer.  Getting things done is my motorcycle. It makes me feel right whenever I know that I’m productive. And so my quest to a better time management is never over. I still search […]