Month: August 2015

Managing Your Money: A Beginner’s Guide

A struggle that most of us can relate to is how hard it is to manage our money. You may come to this blog of mine to find answers and inspirations about financial management but to tell you honestly, it is still something that I’ve been struggling to perfect. It takes time and financial discipline to actually be good in money. And as always, the hardest part is the beginning.  […]

Investment Options You Can Try With Your Bank

Last week I shared to you the many advantages of getting an online bank account. You can read the post HERE. Thank you for the positive feedback from all SavingsPinay readers. I am really happy to have shared a valuable information to everyone. Now to keep up with all these “valuable information,” I decided to give you Investment Options You Can Try With Your Bank. I know how most of […]

My 9 No-Fail Activities For a Better Work Day

I salute all women who are career oriented. I have my high regards on their will to work and earn a living on their own. But I know too for a fact how excruciating it is to balance career and personal life. So to all the Juana out there, here are My 9 No-Fail Activities For a Better Work Day that will make you feel better. 1. Have a Morning Routine Before […]

My Tagaytay 2D, 1N Itinerary + Expenses

Hi everyone!!! I blogged about My Tagaytay Travel Diary in IzzaGlino so if you want to know more about what happened during the 2 days and 1 night trip please go to my other blog.  Here at SavingsPinay I will be sharing how our itinerary turned out to be as well as the how much the cost of the trip. I hope this could inspire you to relax and have […]

5 Time Management Apps You Need to Download

I am all about productivity. Yes, I do have my hits and misses but I always see to it that I get things done. You may have read my 14 Days to a Productive Life e-Course and I have enjoyed sharing  to you my tips and tricks when it comes to intentional living.  If you’ve watched my What’s In My Iphone video you’ll know I don’t have that much productivity […]

The Basics of Online Banking

I am a big fan of internet banking. I have Metrobank Direct account for my payroll in Metrobank and BPI Expressonline account for my BPI fund. Online banking makes it easier for me to pay bills and helps me avoid long lines.  I actually encourage people around me to open the corresponding online service that their bank provides because you can check whether the sweldo already arrived. You don’t need […]

5 Pinoy Financial Books You Ought to Read

I remember the very first financial book I read that opened my heart and mind to the true value of money. It was “Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin” written by Sir Ardy Roberto Jr. It was a small, thin book filled with practical knowledge about financial management. It was the book that started my quest for financial freedom. Reading financial books has been more than just a hobby for me. […]

30 Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful Person

Becoming a successful person takes a lot of hard work and determination. Success doesn’t happen overnight. You need to have clear goals in life and focus on the action plan. Success is more than just attaining financial freedom. When you say you are a successful person, it means you are living life fully and is continually excel with their life both professionally and personally. A successful person knows what she […]

My First Ensogo Transaction (2D/1N at D-Zone Backpackers Inn Tagaytay

I have shared many times my dream of traveling. I never actually walked out of my comfort zone in terms of places I wanted to visit. The furthest I’ve been is Antipolo and mind you, it was only a short trip to host an event. As an action plan for my strong desire to travel, I knew that I don’t have to procrastinate anymore and just commit to it.  Just […]