Month: May 2015

Being a Technical Writer in the Philippines

When I got a hold of my diploma, I knew that being a journalist, broadcaster or novelist is not my calling. I have this “gift” when it comes to writing but I don’t have that extra edge to serve the nation through press.  I was actually thinking of doing event hosting and event management full time (READ: My Life, My Job, My Career and 6 Success Tips that Helped Me) […]

No More Excuses! 7 Awesome Tips that Will Help You Stop Wasting Your Money

Over spending is just something that I find hard to let go. Though I never miss a month without a budget… I find it really hard to commit to my allocation. I will always have excuses and reasons why I deserve a treat, a meal or a splurge on a particular day. Even though deep inside I know that I should be saving money instead of wasting it for no […]

Money Lessons That I Learned from my Nanay

Before I begin this post I’d like to  greet a Belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the super moms out there especially to the SavingsPinay mommy readers. I have all my love, respect and affection to all the mothers for I believe that there is nothing greater than a mother’s love. No one in our lives shapes us quite like how our mothers does.  On a personal level, I am […]

Reader Question: What’s Your View on “NETWORKING”

I love answering questions. The reason why I provided a contact page at the footer of my blog and always include my email address at the end of my post. Whenever I receive an inquiry I feel so kilig because I am reassured that someone is appreciating my blog. This week I rceived an email from a long time reader to whom I will call Ms. M just because I […]

What To Do On Weekends (A SavingsPinay Guide)

I love the weekends. I love that I don’t have to hurry waking up in the morning. I love that I won’t have to spend time on the morning rush. I love that I can eat lunch and dinner with my family and have quality time with. I love that I can sit back and enjoy watching TV without interruption. But my weekends aren’t just spent on relaxation. I have […]

The Secrets Behind Creating Multiple Sources of Income

Today, having an additional income is not just an option. It is a necessity. If you truly strive for financial freedom then you need multiple sources of income and let the money work for you. At the age of 17, I started earning my own money through hosting events. I did event hosting for weddings, debuts, birthdays,company events and many more which I still do today. When I realized how […]

Take this Test to Know if You are Financially Fit

I still can’t believe how fast time flies. It is the first week of a new month and just last Thursday I wrote my End of the Month Quick Recap… Again. Anyways, how are you?! How are things going in terms of your finances? Me?! Well I’ve been such a gastador for this month and I am really not proud of my financial decisions. You can actually read a post […]

SavingsPinay April Quick Recap

Hi and welcome to another Monthly Quick Recap from SavingsPinay. The month of April has been very good for this blog, thanks for your support. You have given most of my posts generous pageviews and I can’t thank you enough for keeping this blog alive. This month I was able to create 17 posts which is a fail if you consider my 21 and Better List that includes posting 21 […]