Month: March 2015

Timeless Job Interview Tips

On the first part of this Job Interview Series I of course told you how to prepare for a job interview. Thank you for those who appreciated the post and  see it as a reference if and then an invitation from a job interview comes. Today the focus of the blog post will be Timeless Tips and Tricks in Handling a Job Interview. My goal is to release you from […]

How to answer “So Tell Me About Yourself” and More Common Job Interview Questions with Answer

Yesterday’s blog post in line with this Job Interview Series: What to do Before, During and After a Job Interview and How My Job Interview Went. I believe one of the most common job interview question will be “So tell me something about yourself”. It is like the greeting that the Hiring Officer will tell you on the day of the interview. Though the question might seem simple… most job […]

What to do Before, During and After a Job Interview and How my Job Interview Went

Hi and welcome to this week’s Job Interview Series. I believe that March is a great month for job hunting as a lot of graduates will sure feel the pressure of the working world. If you have an upcoming interview or you just want to have an idea on what to expect during a job interview then this Job Interview Series is for you! Job interviews can be nerve-wracking. I […]

Introducing: SavingsPinay’s Job Interview Series

Hi everyone! This week I will be introducing a Job Interview Series. It will be for the whole week so if you either find it hard dealing with job interviews or you have an upcoming job interview then you better check my SavingsPinay this week. Here are the topics that I will be blogging about. 1. Preparing for a Job Interview. This is a before, during and after job interview […]

Finding Out What You Want in Life

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question has been thrown once when we were young probably by our Mom, Dad or a close relative. Do you still remember the answer that you gave?! When I was still young I actually have no idea what I want in to be in the future.  All I knew is that I am fond of writing and I always […]

Different ways you can apply the 52-Week Money Challenge in Your Life

When I first heard of the 52-week Money Challenge I was so ecstatic. Finally another saving system to add in my list. I was have a big fan of the 50-20-30 method wherein 20% of my take home pay is reserved for my monthly savings or the 3 Envelopes of My Financial Life. Before the year started I knew I want to start a new envelope called Future Fund which […]

SavingsPinay’s February Quick Recap!

Hello there! I hope you all are doing fine. The shortest month of the year is now over and we are all saving hello to March! March is one of the busiest month for me and my family for we will be celebrating not just one but four important occasions this year. My brother and his son will be celebrating their birthdays (they were both born on March 30), March […]