Month: March 2015

SavingsPinay’s March Quick Recap

 I still can’t believe that  March is over. It still feels like yesterday that I had my February Quick Recap. March has been very good as it opened a whole new opportunities and learning for me. Though the month also has a bit of sadness since my beloved OJTs were done spending time in the office I still can’t contain my happiness with the celebrations of the month. March Quick […]

On Investments Gone Wrong

Save and Invest. These are the three words that I am currently living with. Save money and automatically add in to the investments. It is hard especially for someone like me that’s in my 20’s and just on my first few years of earning without that much responsibility. Whenever I talk to someone and they ask why and how  I became so passionate about financial management I always answer that […]

What To Expect on Your First Seminar on IMG Wealth Academy

Every Tuesday I will try to update you on my IMG Wealth Academy Journey. I also invite you to sign up in the form below if you want to attend one of their financial seminars too IMG Wealth Academy has been in the business for years. The mission is clear, no families will be left behind. They conduct free financial seminar to be able to spread financial knowledge to those […]

All About Philhealth

Health is Wealth and so does the saying goes. I am a firm believer that healthcare should be available to everyone on all walks of life. I never paid much attention to the deductions un my salary not until I came to understand the benefits that these will give in the future. If you’ve read my past post entitled Studying Your Payslip you’ll know the basics of why we, as […]

5 Reasons To Find Enjoyment in Your Daily Job

I guess one good thing that choosing to have a job rather than pursuing hosting as my main source of income is being with different people or different age groups and of different thinking in almost every day of my life. I learn from the people around and in return I try to be of help too for things that I know like beauty, finances and life in general.One main […]

UPDATE on my 2015 Investment Plans and Nice to Haves

Remember when I posted My 2015 Investing Plans and Nice to Haves?! 2015 Investment Plans (BIG CHANGES) Investing in Stocks. Back then I shared to you guys that my #1 must have is to Open a COL Easy Investment Plan. I even expressed how I see diversification as my top priority in terms of finances. Well the first big change is that I suddenly realized the need to build a […]

Women and Money (…and everything that comes in between)

Happy Women’s Month! Though not dubbed as a National Holiday, every March 8 is International Women’s day. It is the day reserved to recognized the role of the women in the society. It is traditionally celebrated for the whole month and different institutions make way to create an event or gathering that will further increase awareness of the special day.I am proud to be a woman.  I guess one field […]

Expand Your Knowledge! Attend the FREE Financial Seminar from IMG Wealth Academy NOW!!!

I never thought that this amazing opportunities will happen to SavingsPinay. Looking back from the month and year that I started this blog, I never ever imagined closing to 5,000 pageviews. Financial Literacy or shall I say Business and Finance niche has been very foreign for Filipinos, including me. SavingsPinay’s vision has always been empowering people to take advantage of their age. I believe that we are never too young […]

Studying Your Payslip

When I first started working I never really paid much attention on my paycheck. I felt like it is not that important and what matters most is that I can have the physical money or payment for the job that I did. But when I started having financial literacy I learned that I need to study my paycheck. I need to know where my money goes. Why Study Your Payslip?! It […]

How to Dress Up for a Job Interview like a Pro

Hi there! I hope you are enjoying this week’s Job Interview Series. Make sure to check the past blog posts as follows: Introducing: SavingsPinay’s Job Interview Series What to do Before, During and After a Job Interview and How my Job Interview Went How to answer “So Tell Me About Yourself” and More Common Job Interview Questions with Answer  Today I’ll talk about How to dress during a Job Interview […]