Year: 2015

SavingsPinay’s Best Posts in 2015

I never expected for SavingsPinay to grew this big. Imagine we are now nearing a hundred thousand pageviews. On my first year blogging in SavingsPinay I received nearly 100 pageviews a month. I was actually on the verge of deleting my blog because I can’t see any improvement in the pageviews. The post So I Entered the Wrong BPI Pin Thrice revived my blog and gave a whole meaning to […]

What to Expect on SavingsPinay This 2016

Since publishing my Merry Christmas From SavingsPinay post I’ve been creating a whole lot of year-end posts. I did the My Extra Income Year-End Post on Saturday and my Personal and Financial Goals for 2016 yesterday. I still have four more posts left before I can SavingsPinay can finally bid goodbye to 2015. Anyhow, today’s post I would want to come clean to you. I’ve always been thankful to the people who make this […]

Personal & Financial Goals for 2016

It’s the time of the year again for me to share my 2016 Personal and Financial Goals. I reserve the update/review of last year’s goals in my Year-End Report post that will be up on Wednesday. Be sure to read that one, OK? As I share my Personal and Financial Goals allow me first to say to you my great plan to succeed and stick to my goals this 2016. […]

My Extra Income Year-End Report

Welcome to another year-end post. Today I will be sharing publicly My Extra Income Report where I publish a highly detailed report how much I earn and how I earn through my side hustles. If you’ve been following my blog for long then you’ll know that I have a day job as a Technical Writer in a Makati IT Firm. I’ve been employed in a day job for almost two […]

Merry Christmas from SavingsPinay

Allow me to greet you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for being such a sweet reader of SavingsPinay. Thank you for spending time reading my each and every blog post published in this humble blog of mine. I wish that I inspired you in a way or two to take charge of your finances. With this short greeting allow me to say Thank You, Sorry and I Love […]

SavingsPinay Series | Intentional Living this 2016 Day 3

On the 3rd installment of our December SavingsPinay Series I will be sharing to you how I attempt to Live an Intentional Life in 2016.  Remember the questions I pointed on yesterday’s post? The one where I commanded you to answer honestly? For all of the five questions my answer is YES.  YES I don’t seem to find value anymore in what I do (talking about my day job here […]

SavingsPinay Series | Intentional Living this 2016 Day 2

Have you joined the SavingsPinay Mailing List? I hope you did join because I opened a program for 2016 wherein I will send an article once a month of a particular financial topic straight to you inbox. Aside from that you’ll get more benefits with this program which is absolutely available for free. Click HERE to learn more information. Today is the Day 2 of our December SavingsPinay Series entitled […]

SavingsPinay Series | Intentional Living This 2016 Day 1

This will be the last SavingsPinay Series for 2015. I hope you did enjoy the inclusion of series posts in this blog where I choose a particular topic and dig dipper by focusing on one point at a time.  In case this is your first time visiting SavingsPinay then I would like to encourage you to join the SavingsPinay 12-Month Money Makeover Program. Its a program created exclusively to those […]

5 Pinay Personal Finance Blogs You Should Start Reading

The Business and Finance niche is very rich and it is nice to find a lot of women topping the charts too. Gone are the days when business and finance is a man’s world. I shared before how I started SavingsPinay. I got obsessed in reading personal finance book in National Bookstore. I read every page and got fascinated on how money works, how I can budget and save and […]

How to Budget Your Money For The Coming Holidays

Still can’t believe it’s only 10 days left before Christmas. I haven’t even started making my holiday list. I know we all agree in saying that budgeting for the holiday season can be a daunting task.  Planning for Christmas parties here and there will also be a task that will get a big chunk of my time once December starts. And let’s not forger the long list of names for […]