Year: 2014

My Money Principles

Your view about money shapes your financial wheel for life. I couldn’t even stress on the importance of money principles for it will be your very pillar of success.  A money principle stands for your basis when it comes to how you use and allocate money. It is a concept that you try to remember, follow and pass to others as it works for the betterment. As said in my […]

BLOG FEATURE: SavingsPinay is on The Coffee Bean’s BrewYourBestYear

I am so thrilled and excited to announce that SavingsPinay’s How to Effectively Budget Your Money got featured in The Coffee Bean’s website, BrewYourBestYear!!! This is a major leap for this humble blog of mine. I think I wasn’t able to share my goal yet or the reason why I created this blog, but today I would like to reveal. My vision as a blogger is always this: I want […]

How to Worry-Free Invest in the Philippines

Most of Filipinos learn the value of investing too late. Based on my observation, financial literacy isn’t taught in public elementary and high school. I graduated in college without any formal knowledge about saving, budget, investment and other terms that I only come to know now that I am working and managing my events business. This factor is why a lot of Filipinos are afraid of the word “Investment”. It […]

UITF vs. Mutual Fund (Beginner’s ALERT!)

As I mentioned on my previous blog, there’s this other form of investment that can give you surprising results. For beginners who are still in a confused situation whether to invest in Mutual Fund (FAMI) or Direct Stock (COL) then I am giving you another lee way, UITF! For complete meaning of UITF kindly read HERE. So let’s start comparing the two. UITF is handled by the bank. But they […]

READER’s QUESTION: “Which is better Savings Account, Mutual Fund or UITF?”

Yesterday I received this reader question through my contact form. To the letter sender, that you first and foremost for the time in reading my blog! And congratulations for this eagerness towards financial freedom! I am glad that SavingsPinay is helping you in a way. To answer your question let me first clarify an important note. Remember that Mutual Fund is NOT offered by banks but rather offered by trusted […]

What is UITF Investment?

UITF stands for Unit Investment Trust Fund. It is another form of investment in the Philippine market that shows great potential nowadays. UITF, unlike Mutual Fund that is handled by trusted financial company, is handled and made possible by banks. It is an open-ended pooled trust fund denominated in pesos or any acceptable currency, which is operated and administered by a trust entity and made available by participation. – See more […]

How to Stop living from Sweldo to Sweldo

Picture from HERE Sweldo is a Filipino term for paycheck. Filipinos commonly receives their monthly payment every 15th and 30th of the month. An average employee is being paid 10-13,000 a month which constitutes a minimum wage earner. I am part of that scheme but thanks to my hosting and events, I was able to finance for my needs pretty well. Living Sweldo to Sweldo or Paycheck to Paycheck means […]

SavingsPinay’s SIX NEW FEATURES!!!

I created SavingsPinay as part of what I call as IzzaGlinoGroupofBlogs before 2013 ends and I am very amazed by how this blog had even beat the record of my very first blog. , Like what I said on the past in  MY TIPS ON FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, My journey towards financial success and financial freedom started when I had my first experience of earning from scratch. And I’d like to […]


Just last week I created this post HERE that I didn’t know would impact a lot. I guess we’re on the same page when it comes to those which ruin our budget. (wink*wink*) But today’s post will be MORE THINGS THAT RUIN MY SAVINGS… and again MAYBE YOURS TOO. Don’t forget to Comment below or Message me in my Contact Form if you happen to be guilty too with this […]

What is Peso-Cost Averaging Method?

Peso-Cost Averaging or PCA is short is an investing method wherein you will invest a fixed amount of money at a regular duration over a long period of time. It is actually one common way of investment that is proven to give higher return of investment. As a beginner in the investing field, this PCA is what I actually do. Every month I pay a fixed amount to my FAMI […]