Year: 2014

How to Create a Spending Plan

Wow! So it is exactly less than 100 days before 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Parang kailan lang yung first post ko na Starting from the Start. I hope your doing great everyone and hopefully gaya ko you are excited too for new year! Today’s post is about Creating Spending Plan and it will be nice that before 2014 ends you know exactly how to this basic financial tool. Creating a spending plan is […]

The 2014 SavingsPinay Reader Survey

Hi there!!! Just last year I never even thought of hitting 5,000 views in SavingsPinay. I felt like finance blogs are not that accepted since here in the Philippines, financial literacy is not taught in younger years. I never even imagine being in the Top 50 Business and Finance blog for all I do is share the knowledge I get through personal experience, readings and research. My posts got featured […]

How To Earn Extra Income in the Philippines

Do you wonder how you can earn extra income aside from your daily allowance? How about the income you make in your work? Then fret no more because I am here to give you the best possible ideas that you can  earn extra income in a safe and easy way. All of us needs money to buy our essentials. But I know at some point we will have those moments […]

7 Important Lessons Every Financial Advisors will Teach You

I am no expert. I may have been blogging about financial management but I assure you my basis are pure experience, research and readings. But though I may have less qualifications to pass as a financial advisor, my passion and my advocacy for people to start taking advantage in their age, is what makes me have a powerful voice in the finance and business section. For today’s post I’d love […]

All about 5/6 [Five-Six]

I believe so a lot have enjoyed last month’s All About Paluwagan post. It was one of my most commented blog post of all time. The views are also drastically changing to its peak thanks to you. I realize now that I should certainly focus more on posts in relation to us Pinay/Pinoy so today I will be introducing a new quick lecture. It’s All About 5/6! Just a disclaimer […]

Commenter of the Month WINNER!!!

Hi everyone! Sorry if my winner announcement has been late. I have a hard time choosing the winner for my September Commenter of the Month for I received such an amazing love from you all. Anyhow  I highly value quality and consistency over quantity when it comes to choosing the winner. I also thought how valuable the comments are, the reactions, suggestions, questions and those who was able to start […]

Reengineering Your To-Do Lists to Perfection

If your today is the your first time dropping by my blog then I highly recommend for you to activate your subscription through RSS. This way you’ll be sure to receive my new posts straight from your inbox! Also remember the on going Commenter of the Month giveaway to which encourage you to join! For today’s blog post I will be giving you an essential tip that will boost your […]

READER’S QUESTION: Should a 21 year old save up money or spend it on things that make him happy?

Over the weekend a question pop up on my inbox in regards to whether a 21 year old needs to save up or to spend on things that him happy. I’d love the question so much and I believe it will be nice to share my opinion in regards to this matter. I am actually turning 21 this November and as you may have noticed here in my blog I […]

The Ultimate Secret to Save Money

Though I may be a financial blogger I will be very honest to say that I am not perfect when it comes to my finances. If you remember my two posts about the things that ruin my budget like here and more here I have these moments when I really over spend. I feel guilty right away and will promise once again that I won’t do it anymore and will […]

100pesos and Below SULIT Product Finds

Hi everyone! I notice how fast this blog audience has grown and I couldn’t thank you enough for browsing each and every post I have. You might not notice though but on my pages above you can see the Beauty link. This actually brings you my other blog,, that focuses on beauty hauls, product reviews and other lifestyle posts. Now I know a lot of my readers here are […]