Year: 2014

Inside the CBTL 2015 Giving Journal

If you follow me on my beauty and lifestyle blog, IzzaGlino, you know that last month I was invited for the media launch of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s 2015 Giving Journal. It was a super fun Saturday ,morning event attended by bloggers and media practitioners. I even met Ms. Ana of The Fashion Commuter. Check out my experience in this link:My 2015 Giving Journal Media Launch Experience. Anyhow, I […]

READER’S QUESTION: What do you do na di mo nagagamit yong nasave mo ?

I received the email yesterday night and through Ms. Joyce’ approval here’s the exact copy of the answer I gave to her inquiry. If you have any financial question you can easily reach me at I also give advices when it comes to career, productivity, relationship and faith. 🙂 Hi Ms. Joyce!!! First and foremost maraming maraming salamat for we share the value of tithing and I believe so […]

21 Facts About Me

November is finally here. Oh My Birth Month. I have always viewed age positively and the blessing of yet another year to strive and be better is what matters most. Have I felt that the years has been moving so fast?! YES!!! I still can’t believe that I will be 21 on the 9th. Recently I felt like this blog has been filled with more finance information that I never […]

Things to Look Forward to This November

Hi everyone! It is as always nice finding time to blog for you guys. I have been quiet busy with events outside and even events at the office as the Admin had requested me for help on program for the Anniversary and the Halloween Party. Both of which I will discuss on a separate posts on my Beauty and Lifestyle blog, IzzaGlino. I thought it would be very nice to […]

Understanding Managed Funds as an Investment Vehicle in the Philippines

An office mate of mine once asked where to primarily invest since there are even more types of Managed Funds available. It took me a long time to answer for I wanted to gather as much information as possible regarding the topic. You see the worst problem other than committing to a budget and saving is choosing where to invest your money. There are just a lot of choices to […]

INFOGRAPHIC: How To Stop Living from Sweldo to Sweldo

Before the work week ends I’d like to give you, my readers, a little treat. Here’s the Infographic version of one of my highest viewed blog post entitled How To Stop Living from Sweldo to Sweldo. You may read the full story here: How To Stop Living from Sweldo to Sweldo which also includes further personal experience on living from sweldo to swledo before and essential terms and examples that […]

Have You Seen the New and Imporved BrewYourBestYear Website???

As you may I know I’ve been a featured contributor to BrewYourBestYear, part of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines. It was such a humbling experience knowing Ms. Nella Lomotan, Brand Manager of CBTL and how she will as always be accommodating in answering my emails. Remember my post about Swirl Card?! CBTL’s own version of membership cards with higher point  to pesos conversion. After receiving that Swirl Card […]

My BPI Save Up plus Insurance Update!!!

2014 has been a year of learnings and taking risks for my financial life. Aside from my FAMI-SALEF investment I also opened a BPI Direct Save Up plus Insurance account to kick start my emergency fund and maximize the potential of my savings. I waited for about 2 months before my Info Card arrived but since I enrolled via my BPI Express Online I can easily access the records of […]

How You Can be Promoted in a World where Everyone wants to be Promoted

Currently, today marks as my regularization at work. After a year and a half since I graduated, I can now confidently say that I found a home to hone my skills in writing and communications professionally. Being a marketing assistant/technical writer for an IT-based company is tough at first for a journalism graduate like me, but slowly I was able to get on the flow and love my job and […]

Paano ba Yumaman? (How To Be Rich?)

Have you asked this question before? Have you typed in Google having high hopes that you’ll find the answer. I did. But it wasn’t because I’m greedy or anything but just out of curiosity. I want to be rich financially. And I bet you too. So upon countless research and reading I then found out effective ways that you can be rich. This may be called the ultimate guide para […]