Year: 2014

You Can Be Rich Book Review

Book Title: You Can Be Rich Author: David King Price: 125pesos It was back in high school when this book, You Can Be Rich, has been something I am constantly seeing in bookstores. I never opened it before because it feels like it is not for Filipinos. First, the author is a foreigner and second, the picture itself shows dollars. But last month when I did a goal before 2013 ends, […]

What Losing Weight can Teach you about Financial Management

Have you ever wondered what the connection is between losing weight/being fit and sexy and gaining money??? I know it might sound weird to connect the two but the truth is if you analyze well you can easily acknowledge that these two acts interact with each other. I am not much of an exercise fanatic but it is one area where in I am planning to be more equipped for […]


As you may have read in my blog I received my BPI Direct Save-Up plus Insurance Info card this week. I have been waiting for my info card for almost a month and a half already and I am glad that I was able to get it this week. Honestly, I was hesitant at first to try applying for the Save-Up plus Insurance but the constant reading and researching from […]

How I Got my NBI Clearance in just TWO HOURS

Hi everyone!!! I am her in The Coffee Bean Robinson’s Manila sipping some Double Chocolate Ice Blended and maximizing the free wi-fi with my Swirl Rewards Card. It’s Tuesday and i am done processing my NBI. Guess how many hours i spent for the application and releasing??? Only TWO HOURS!!!!! Yes, yes, yes. I am so happy that i got my NBI faster than the usual and in this blog […]

My Swirl Rewards Card from The Coffee Bean

I love reward cards!!! As always i feel like there is an added value to the product i buy when i have a membership card to present. Are you like me? wink, wink. Anyways, just recently i was able to try another ice blended from The Coffee Bean. I asked the barista if they have WI-FI in the facility. She genuinely answered that the Wi-fi is for those who have […]

My BPI Direct Save-Up Automatic Savings + Insurance has arrived

Finally after 10 decades the info card of my Direct Save-Up account has arrived. Wow, I still can’t believe that i have to wait almost a month and a half just for the info card since I enrolled first week of January 2014. If you have no idea what this Direct Save Up account I am talking about then behold, this is actually one of the best and unique product […]

Tips on Joining MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or Networking

Back when i was still in college i used to be invited in networking seminars by friends and colleagues who are part of them. From UNO, Filtrepreneur and also other numerous networking business that has been around. But i never joined. I am not brave enough to join those types of businesses. I am an open minded person but its just that giving my money out and getting products that […]


Well we can easily sum up the month of February by one major occasion——– Valentine’s Day. Many may be looking forward for this month especially those who are new in their relationships or those who are long enough and wanted to spice up their love for each other. There are also those who happen to be part of the single community (wink* wink*) and would wish February 14 will just […]

3 Money Tips for Parents

This is a rather informative post here in my blog. I believe that the direct audience of my blog are women in their 20’s  who are just starting their career. But, i also havfe a gut feel that there are those who view financial blogs who are starting their family life and making researches on how to budget effectively. Anyways, this post is dedicated to parents out there or soon-to-be […]

How I Opened my FAMI Mutual Account ( STEP by STEP GUIDE w/ PICTURES)

Last Wednesday i made a big decision in my life. I opened a FAMI MUTUAL FUND!!! Yes, and it is my very first step towards financial security. My first mutual fund will be my retirement fund. I plan not to take any money from it but just invest and invest as long as i could. For those who are clueless what mutual fund is and what FAMI is all about […]