Month: December 2014

Unionbank Peso Money Market Fund First Impression

I have blogged quite a few posts about Unionbank and as part of my research I noticed this one product of the said bank that caught my attention. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Unionbank’s famous UITF investment vehicle, the Peso Money Market Fund. The Peso Money Market Fund is a peso-denominated unit investment trust fund that is designed for a higher yield on short-term investor. It is an ideal investment […]

How to Wait Productively

We hate waiting——at least me and the people I’ve come to know. Waiting is an absolute waste of time and is a test of character. Back when I was still a student, I had experienced suffering from long lines just to get either my books, my Form 137 Card or even my class registration. The moments are still fresh in my memory. How hot the weather is during the said […]

10 Very Simple Things Your Can Do To Save Money on Gifts

I personally know how hard it is to shop and having these common financial worries at the back of our minds during the holiday season. All you want is to spread the joy by giving gifts to the people you value but there are times when you are truly in a tight budget. But for this post I will be sharing practical tips that could help you save a lot […]

Looking for Personal Finance Apps? These 4 Apps can be the Answer!

What do you use to keep track of your finances? Making a budget, knowing where your money goes and planning your life in general can be a daunting task. You need to keep up with the daily changes and update all of your financial activities. Back in 2010 when I started earning money the first budgeting type that I used is a notebook. I write down the money I got […]

How to Make a Fresh Start in Life?

 Over the month of October I found out a new website where I could just shoot my answers to random questions. QUORA. I became addicted on my first week answering questions. The topics that I chose is Personal Finance, Blogging and Productivity. Anyhow, one question caught my attention and I am glad that I had about four upvotes (like like in Facebook) TO MY ANSWER.  The question is, “How do […]

Learn to Invest Without Tears Before 2014 Ends

Growing up, I was taught that the only way that I could earn money is to get a job. The term “investing” sounds very foreign and very uncommon for me. When I started dropping by at National Bookstore and reading books in business and investing books that I became fully aware that there are more opportunities available. If you want to earn more money, you have to work for longer […]

Introduction to Career and Productivity Posts

I am a believer of how Time and Money relates to each other. If you can’t manage your time I am pretty sure that you can’t manage your finances too. We often hear people complaining that they don’t have enough time and accompanied by “I don’t have enough money”. I’ve been through that phase every now and then. Not having the ability to commit to a schedule and to a […]

Wise-Thoughts for the Holiday Season

Image from …..December. I will be 100% sure that all of us will hear a Christmas-themedchristmas-themed song today. What’s your favorite Christmas song?! For me it’s Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. That song makes me cry sometimes. The message is clear and the rhythm is amazing. Nakakakilig. But of course today’s post is not about Christmas Song. Today I decided to talk about wise-thoughts for this holiday season. […]