Month: November 2014

How I Balance Life and Work?

  Photo from  Ubackdrop   So it’s finally the last month of the year!!! I hope you can stay tune for this month as I will have my Holiday Series. It’s everything that you want to know this holiday season concerning your finances. On my other blog, beauty and lifestyle, I am planning of publishing the best of 2014 series. 🙂 Hope you’ll support both blogs.   December more than […]

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I know I’ve mentioned this either on this blog or on my other blog, but yes, my language of love is recognition. With that being said, I realized how an over-achiever I can be. I love starting something and most of the time I find it real hard to finish what I started. One step forward, two steps back… I always try to find another thing or stuff to add […]

Don’t Forget to Grab a Copy of Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever eBook + Templates

You still have a chance to get the Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever eBook together with the Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever Templates!!! All for FREE. All I need is your email and I will be very glad and excited to email the free copies to you! What you’ll get?! A 25-page PDF about basic personal finance knowledge that could help you make your 2015 the best year […]

BDO Easy Investment Plan First Impression

My first savings account ever was from BDO. It was my Mama who made it possible for me to have one even though I only have Postal ID as an official identification. The account only lasted for a year and I got it closed because I was below the minimum balance. I don’t know how to save back then.I was sad that because of my bad attitude on money, I […]

My 20-something panic!!!

If you’ve been following my blog you know how much I change my themes often and I do apologize for the sudden change…AGAIN. I just felt like my theme earlier this month has been out of control considering the Adsense stuff that I would like to minimize. I wanted this blog to be as sincere as possible. I want to broadcast financial knowledge and add value to my readers first, […]

Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever eBook

Yesterday I gave a nice introduction to this eBook, Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever, created out of love and passion for personal finance education. It’s very simple, minimalistic design, less than 30 pages but filled with knowledge. sample pages of what you will get 🙂 As a first attempt I believe in having this eBook as a form of tithe to God so I decided to make it FREE. […]

SavingsPinay’s first eBook attempt is DONE, Register for a copy NOW!

If you remember my 2014 SavingsPinay Reader Survey, I asked whether what topic of an eBook would you like to receive from yours truly. I got a favorable response for Tips and Tricks for A New and Improved Life so from then I slowly started drafting the contents. The Welcome Page As this is my first attempt to write something more than an ordinary blog post, I felt like it […]

Top 10 Things To Consider before making that Big Financial Decisions

As I may have told a lot of times before, I made the biggest financial decision of my life earlier this year, January 20 to be exact. It was an unforgettable moment for me because one, it was right after I resigned to my job. (I got the opening fee of 5000pesos from my savings in the previous job) and two, I had long been planning about doing it. Now […]

5 Sources of My Happiness

Hi everyone! If you’ve been watching my Youtube Videos you know that in my recent upload, I vlog about my updates, new haircut and e-book release for SavingsPinay. You can watch the video in this link:  or watch it here: There are those who questioned my sudden hair change from medium length to short and partly shaved. It was such a courageous move for me as I always feel […]

Want More Money? Cutoff on These 6 Financial Traps!

A blog post that will make you realize that there’s more to earn if you only eliminate these 6 Financial Traps of your life! I feel extra happy whenever I check my savings account and find that slowly but surely my money is growing. There’s just much security that I feel in my heart. I have been in a phase when I my expenses are way more than what I […]