Month: October 2014

All about 5/6 [Five-Six]

I believe so a lot have enjoyed last month’s All About Paluwagan post. It was one of my most commented blog post of all time. The views are also drastically changing to its peak thanks to you. I realize now that I should certainly focus more on posts in relation to us Pinay/Pinoy so today I will be introducing a new quick lecture. It’s All About 5/6! Just a disclaimer […]

Commenter of the Month WINNER!!!

Hi everyone! Sorry if my winner announcement has been late. I have a hard time choosing the winner for my September Commenter of the Month for I received such an amazing love from you all. Anyhow  I highly value quality and consistency over quantity when it comes to choosing the winner. I also thought how valuable the comments are, the reactions, suggestions, questions and those who was able to start […]

Reengineering Your To-Do Lists to Perfection

If your today is the your first time dropping by my blog then I highly recommend for you to activate your subscription through RSS. This way you’ll be sure to receive my new posts straight from your inbox! Also remember the on going Commenter of the Month giveaway to which encourage you to join! For today’s blog post I will be giving you an essential tip that will boost your […]