Month: September 2014

Why You Must Know Your Financial Net Worth NOW!

Have you ever wonder what’s your current net worth?! Net Worth just like Investing is another foreign word for most of us. It seems like knowing your financial net worth is only reserved for the rich. If you are a common employee, assessing a financial net worth in the present day is found as irrelevant as creating a last will testament. Overview By definition, net worth means a person’s total […]

All About Paluwagan!

Last update May 2017   Hi everyone! Today’s topic is all about PALUWAGAN. I am going to introduce the common local saving method and reveal the ups and down of this said system.  I hope you can share this to your circle of friends (especially if you are currently a member of paluwagan). You can easily share on Facebook. Soon this post will also be on my Youtube channel under SavingsPinay 🙂 […]

5 Steps to Become a Smart Shopper and Deal with Your Shopaholic Syndrome

I enjoyed the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. I haven’t read the book yet but the movie… it was hilarious and honest at the same time. I am not a shopaholic. I do hauls on my beauty blog but I do that once a month. Of course I do this end of the month reward trick just to motivate me in my saving goal. Most of my end of the […]

My Money Principles

Your view about money shapes your financial wheel for life. I couldn’t even stress on the importance of money principles for it will be your very pillar of success.  A money principle stands for your basis when it comes to how you use and allocate money. It is a concept that you try to remember, follow and pass to others as it works for the betterment. As said in my […]

BLOG FEATURE: SavingsPinay is on The Coffee Bean’s BrewYourBestYear

I am so thrilled and excited to announce that SavingsPinay’s How to Effectively Budget Your Money got featured in The Coffee Bean’s website, BrewYourBestYear!!! This is a major leap for this humble blog of mine. I think I wasn’t able to share my goal yet or the reason why I created this blog, but today I would like to reveal. My vision as a blogger is always this: I want […]