Month: September 2014

READER’S QUESTION: Should a 21 year old save up money or spend it on things that make him happy?

Over the weekend a question pop up on my inbox in regards to whether a 21 year old needs to save up or to spend on things that him happy. I’d love the question so much and I believe it will be nice to share my opinion in regards to this matter. I am actually turning 21 this November and as you may have noticed here in my blog I […]

The Ultimate Secret to Save Money

Though I may be a financial blogger I will be very honest to say that I am not perfect when it comes to my finances. If you remember my two posts about the things that ruin my budget like here and more here I have these moments when I really over spend. I feel guilty right away and will promise once again that I won’t do it anymore and will […]

100pesos and Below SULIT Product Finds

Hi everyone! I notice how fast this blog audience has grown and I couldn’t thank you enough for browsing each and every post I have. You might not notice though but on my pages above you can see the Beauty link. This actually brings you my other blog,, that focuses on beauty hauls, product reviews and other lifestyle posts. Now I know a lot of my readers here are […]

My Ideal Week! (Applying Michael Hyatt’s Ideal Week Template)

 I also posted this same blogpost in my Beauty Blog 🙂 Recently I’ve been stalking the blog of Michael Hyatt. He is a well-known blogger entrepreneur that focuses in intentional leadership. I stumble upon his blogpost on creating an ideal week. That post truly motivated me to create mine. The idea of creating an ideal week is allowing yourself to plan how you would like your week to be if […]

Ang Wallet Kong Di Nauubusan ng Laman!!!

Yes, I own a wallet na di nauubusan ng laman (a wallet that has never ending cash). No, I am not owning a Seiko leather wallet. More so, I bought this wallet almost six (6) years ago in Landmark Makati for just 129pesos. And honest to goodness since I bought it, I never ever had an experience of losing money. It always has something inside.   Others will tell me […]

My 7-Eleven Every Day! Rewards Card

You know my love for rewards card as have shared to you my Robinsons card and my Coffee Bean Swirl Card. I love special things that add value to my purchase. Last week while it rained very hard I decided to drop by at 7-Eleven to have some korean cup noodles and added snack. While paying the cashier introduced me to Everyday Rewards Card of 7-Eleven so I decided to […]

23 Motivational Hacks For Young Achievers

I am an advocate of the famous saying that “Age doesn’t matter”  but not in terms of love but in the proposition if success. I always tell to the people I engage with that age is our greatest advantage. We can never be too young or too old to dream.We may have different measures of success but what matters is owning the journey and working towards that fruitful destination. I […]

Introduction to New SavingsPinay Pages!!!

Wow. I still can’t believe how I manage to stay in the Top 50 Business and Finance blogs of the site. Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting to my humble financial platform. I hope in some way or another I am adding value in your life. For this quick post I’d like to still introduce you to New SavingsPinay Pages! These are quick links that will make your […]

READER’S QUESTION: How does FAMI work???

Hello everyone! If in case you are new in my blog, make sure to click the image on the top right and become My September Commenter of the Month!!! I am giving away 300pesos worth of Sedexo Gift Certificates and 500pesos worth of Ever Bilena and Careline Products. It is my pa-ber month treat for everyone! Again, click the image on the top right. Last July I received this reader’s […]

8 Tips To Have a Major Major Salary Increase

Earlier this month I received a great news from the HR Manager of the company where I am working. It was special news that I broke down and literally cried in front of her. i just can’t contain the happiness I felt. It was as if all of my efforts were acknowledged for the past six months. I have a post before stating the reasons why I left the previous […]