Month: July 2014

What is Peso-Cost Averaging Method?

Peso-Cost Averaging or PCA is short is an investing method wherein you will invest a fixed amount of money at a regular duration over a long period of time. It is actually one common way of investment that is proven to give higher return of investment. As a beginner in the investing field, this PCA is what I actually do. Every month I pay a fixed amount to my FAMI […]

Why I am working on my Retirement Fund at the age of 20

When I told my parents that I invested in a Mutual Fund they thought I was joking. I’m only 20 and I am thinking about my retirement already (since I decided to make my FAMI account my Retirement Fund). Read how I applied for FAMI ACCOUNTT HERE. I know even an ordinary someone especially one who still have no idea about Financial Freedom will raise an eyebrow with this decision. […]

How to Compute for your FAMI Investment

As many of you may know now, I am currently working on my portfolio income as a 2014 goal. I invested in a FAMISALEF Mutual Fund and continuously invest monthly as my Retirement Fund. Since I am using a personal investment method to which I will share in a future post, I decided to just write a short blog on How to compute your FAMI Investments.         […]

How To Save within Your Salary?

Ever wonder how you’ll save with the salary you are earning? Then this post is just for you! Photo from Google Image As a 20year old fresh graduate who just started her career in Makati I am not embarrassed to announce that I earn less than 15,000pesos a month. Hey, I’m just new and I’m only living the “Makati Girl” peg for just 5 months and counting. I can also […]

5 Steps to become a 20-something Millionaire

Who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire at a tender age of 20-29 years old??? Not unless you were born with “Gintong Kutsara”, becoming a rich at an early age is something we all would like to be. I remember when I’m still young I always envy those who have great life… those artists I see on the TV and even the beautiful lady in the magazine. Now, I am […]

Things that RUIN my BUDGET (And Maybe YOURS Too)

SAVING… I think saving is one thing that is really hard to do. It’s like a work in progress. There will be that moment that you are doing it and then those moments wherein you stumble and fall out of your budget. In this post I list down the TOP THINGS that RUIN my goal to Save and if one or more of the items appeals to you then comment […]

Financial Tips and Tricks for 20-Something

photo from Google I believe I’ve said this a million times already BUT let me say it once again, my dear sisters and brothers who are enjoying their 20-something life————————-BE SMART ENOUGH AND USE YOUR AGE AS YOUR GREATEST ADVANTAGE. I know I may be sounding a bit offensive here but if that is the only way that I can caught your attention then I will. Now that you are in your 20’s […]


This year will be the year that I will be turning 21 and its actually part of my birthday wish to finally have my own Credit card. My reason for wanting to own one is the fact that I believe it will teach a lot of lessons in regards with my finances if and then I will have a credit card. I am actually in a hunt of what bank […]