Month: June 2014

What is NAVPS?

NAVPS or Net Asset Per Share is one of the key term you ought to know once you start investing especially in Mutual Funds. At first I have no idea what this five-letter acronym means but through time I discovered that it is essential to know its ins and outs. NAVPS is the value of a single unit or share of a fund. For Mutual Fund, NAVPS refers to the […]

How to Apply for Unionbank EON Bank Account

The EON Debit Card will most probably be the best product of Unionbank for me. I have no credit card so I find it hard to apply for Paypal but thanks to this product, now I can! My application for the EON Card actually took me just hours! It’s fast, convenient and efficient! Tip: Apply Online!!! Do not attempt to go to the Unionbank and Apply there for it will […]

FAMI Update!

So from this post I have mentioned that I enrolled a FAMI Mutual Fund. The truth is, I wasn’t able to have my initial investment a month after I have received via mail my confirmation receipt. I enrolled the account on the month of February but was only able to top up my investment by the month of April. Anyhow, for the update on my FAMI account I am doing […]


Hello everyone! After a month long of rest I am now back to blogging about my financial and lifestyle tips and rants. The month of May has a very hard one for I have to finish a lot of pending projects at work. But now I’m back – FOR GOOD! Thank you first and foremost for making me  stay as one of the Top 100 blogs Business and Finance Blog […]

7 Advantages of Mutual Fund

Quick update everyone!!! I just received my final email for my FAMI account opening and my mutual fund is now working. HURRAY!!! I still can’t believe that I was able to apply for a mutual fund account. This is actually part of my long term goal and has always been just a dream. But now i know everything will be in reality. The years of investing will be worth it […]

How to be Financially Blessed?

I am following this plan in my Bible all called How to be Rich Devotinal by Adam Stanley and it teaches the different biblical perspective of wealth. It is good having biblical perspective in terms if managing your finances because you are sure to be in the right path. I believe the Bible has the answer for everything and it is a very good book to invest with first and […]