Month: April 2014

Building and Balancing your Personal Economy

With all the negative things happening in the national economy – from news about corruption here and there, high prices on products in the market and etc, one should be able to stand firm and balance his/her personal finances. Personal economy stands for the over all management and status of your own cash flow. It involves everything that you do and going to do with your money. Just like how […]

Secrets To A Happy Life

To find happiness in this modern world is a gift of God. I love that even with the turning of events, from the news full of bad and horrific incidents happening all around, the climate change bring a lot of unwanted catastrophe and the number of people who are turning into worse beings with wrong beliefs…… is truly a gift to find peace and equality. Happy Life for me is […]

METROBANK WEEK: All about Metrobank Direct Onlien Banking

Metrobank Direct is Metrobanks official online banking system. It guarantees a No Line banking with cashless nad convenience for any Metrobank holder through a web based access. I have been enjoying my Metrobank for almost 2 months now and I am happy with the servcie that they provide. With the Metrobank Direct, one can see the following: All transactions and account logs Send Money for Free Pay Various Bills Online […]

METROBANK WEEK: How to Enroll in Metrobank Direct Online Banking?

Banks offering online banking is one of the best that ever happened in our society. I often tell this on my blog posts how much I love how BPI created one of the first online banking system that lets cashless banking possible and for this week I will be focusing on Metrobank. I got my Metrobank ATM because my current job uses it for payroll. I really wanted to have […]

METROBANK WEEK: How to pay your FAMI account through Metrobank Direct

As i mentioned before in my blog I was able to have my first ever investment in FAMI. It is with the FAMI Save and Learcn Equity Fund. I could’t contain my happiness knowing that at last I am able to practice what I preach. Save and Invest for the future all the way. Since I alredy had my Metrobank ATM, I initially applied for a Metrobank Direct, Metrobank’s online […]