Month: March 2014

Is Google Adsense a Scam?

That is exactly my question when I first applied for Adsense. It was like three years ago since I made a blog and partnered with adsense and almost a year ago when I made my Youtube video and earned a number of views. Back then I was just enjoying blogging and making Youtube videos. I am, to be honest, not minding about getting anything from it. I am more after […]

You Can Be Rich Book Review

Book Title: You Can Be Rich Author: David King Price: 125pesos It was back in high school when this book, You Can Be Rich, has been something I am constantly seeing in bookstores. I never opened it before because it feels like it is not for Filipinos. First, the author is a foreigner and second, the picture itself shows dollars. But last month when I did a goal before 2013 ends, […]