Year: 2013

How to Apply for BPI/MS Travel Personal Insurance

You might be confused why I write mostly about BPI. No, I am not affiliated with this bank. I am also not being paid to make these first impressions. It is just that this is the nearest bank to the office and most of the transactions done for the office is through this bank so I always have knowledge about some of their products. Anyways today’s topic is all about […]


Another way of budgeting that i had learned to use is the notebook style. This style of budgeting is highly applicable to those who does not base on salary alone for their source of income and has other way of earnings like a sideline and so on. In the Notebook Style all that you will need is an old or any notebook that you don’t use and a pen. You […]


One of the early budgeting techniques that I used is envelope style. It is a kind of budgeting wherein you will rely on envelopes with written specific kind of expenses to which you use your income or money. Before I go into details how envelope style is done I would like to begin by defining the word BUDGET. Budget according to online dictionary is a quantitative plan for a period […]


Hi everyone. Thank you so much for the support you are showering to my humble blog. Today’s post is about the different things that you can do to be able to earn money before turning 20 years old. This is basically for those who are teenagers. Being a 20 year old professional i am proud to say that i got to do a lot of things in my early years […]

BPI-PHILAM Savings/Protection First Impression

Last Tuesday I was in Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) to pay something over the counter when I noticed this spot that says BPI-Philam Insurance. I was eager to know and to learn something about Philam products because I heard a lot of good things from blogs and forums.  I also know that insurance is something that I am planning to avail next year so as to start my […]

Kuntento Ka Na Ba Sa Kaperahan mo? Book Review

Book Title: Kuntento ka na ba sa KAPERAHAN mo? Authors: Vic and Avelynn Garcia Pages: 124pages Price: 120pesos I bought this book when I went to National Bookstore last April 2013. Ever since I started hosting for events at I became more aware about financial education. I know that books are good investments since knowledge is power. I love the fact that the price of this book is budget-friendly. […]

My Financial and Personal Goals before 2013 ends

It is funny that i am writing about my 2013 financial and personal goals now that it is almost a month and a half away till the year ends. Well, it is never too late to set goals and to act for the achievement, right? Anyways, knowing that i only have a  month and a half my financial and personal goals are semi-attainable. I keep it in my mind and […]

Starting from the start

I am Izza and i am a 20 year old professional living in the Philippines. I want to start this blog as a diary on my journey to financial freedom and to help others especially with the same age as mine to start now and act now. I want my blog to be an inspiration that you are never too young to start saving and start learning about financial education. […]