Year: 2013


Hurray for today is the last day of 2013. Remember my financial and personal goals update post? Well today i will be ending my Finanancial and Personal Goals before 2013 ends post because i am looking forward to a more detailed list that i will be putting on a separate page in this blog. So this will be my last update for you guys. Fortunately i was able to complete […]

My 2014 Planner

Of course as someone who has been new in the financial management field there is one important thing that i have to master and that is time management. Last year i wasn’t able to buy a proper planner to assist me all year around so i promise that in the coming new year i will invest in a good 2014 planner. The planner that i bought is from National Bookstore […]

The Three Types of Income

     Today is a bit formal and informative post for you guys. I recently bumped bumped into a post regarding the three types of income a person will get on his entire lifetime that i wanted to share to you all. On the end prt is my own notes and i will also share what type of income i am getting now.       The first type of income […]

My Robinsons Rewards Card

I have an addiction i would like to confess. I am an addict when it comes to membership cards. I don’t know why but i love signing in forms and having the physicsl card inside my wallet. I also feel like i get more out of what i buy or what i shop everytime i use my card. Do you have this addiction too??? Anyways, while i was having my […]

How Luxurious Investments are Good Investments

There are two kinds of investment i believe so, the first one is the talents that we have that came from God and teh second one are the physical things that are available around us. For me, my talents is a given investment. The fact that God blessed me with the ability to host events. That He blessed me with confidence to do Youtube videos and have tutorials online. And […]

How I applied for SSS Number in Robinson’s Pinoy Lingkod Center

Good day everyone!!! Here’s a post regarding how i applied for my SSS number in Robinson’s Galleria Pinoy Lingkod Center. Open every Tuesdays to Saturdays 10am-6pm.  Not open on December 24 and December 25,2013. Notes: On the tarp below are the services that SSS helpdesk in Pinoy Lingkod Center offers: Strictly NO ID application and release Strictly NO Contribution or Payments Things to Bring             […]

How I Opened My BPI Express Teller Account

Just this afternoon i was able to get my BPI Express Teller ATM. I felt so happy because first, i accomplished one requirement of my new job (our payroll will be delivered via bank) and second, it has been my longest plan to open an account with BPI and finally i was able to do so. Yay! I actually just spent my whole lunch time in the application of my […]

Financial and Personal Goals 2013 UPDATE!!!

Back when i started doing this blog i shared to you a financial and personal goal i would want to achieve before 2013 ends. Hmmm.. I will be honest and it’s the middle week of December and still i’ve got a lot to do. But since i don’t know what to actually post today i decided to give you an update. 🙂 Convert my current BDO ATM Debit Card to […]

New Job, New Life

Hi everyone!!! I am terribly sorry for the lack of posts this month of December. For those who are first time visitors, you may want to be informed that i recently resigned in my previous job to give way to a better opportunity in a company that supports my degree. Writing has always been my passion. It is given for me that i like to write things and that i […]

Reasons Why I Quit My Job

Yesterday i rendered my last service to my previous job. I wanted to take the opportunity to work in a company thatw ill allow me to use my degree and allow me to have my benefits as an employee and I thank God that a great opportunity came to my way. I believe everything is in God’s perfect timing. I believe and i trust His plans. This post is a […]