101 Sure Ways To Save Money From Your Money or Your Life Book

October 24, 2020

Your Money or Your Life is one of the financial book I finished for 2020.


The book introduced me to a 9-step plan to financial independence which I soon will write a separate blog post.


One of the best part I read in the book is a list of 101 sure ways to save money. I thought it would be great to share with you today.


Most of the saving tips are meant for American lifestyle but I did find some that are also helpful and clever for us Filipinos.




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Why is saving money important?


A lot prolong the need to save money until they are in near their retiring years. They thought that saving is not for them and they have a lot of time left to grow their money. As a matter of fact the earlier you save the more you advantageous to your financial life. Compound interest will make your money grow without you even doing the hard work.


Here are more reasons why we ought to make saving money a habit:


To be prepared in case of emergency

Unexpected expenses such as car repair, loss of job, medical issues in the family call for an emergency fund. Your savings could cover the amount needed for the said unexpected expenses so you won’t be in debt. If you want to learn more about Emergency Fund CLICK HERE.


To save money on your retirement

We all need to save in the future and if you want to enjoy your retirement age then you better start saving money now. Your Social Security System or Government Security System will never guarantee your life after your retirement. My mutual fund investment for example is reserved for my retirement years. I just continue to invest on the account and plan to just make the money stay as long as possible to grow.


To save and invest for your personal milestones in life

Without proper savings you can never buy and invest for a house and lot or a start up business for example. You need to save money to have enough down payment on a bigger house. Other personal milestones includes a new car or a trip abroad etc.


To reach financial freedom

The ultimate goal to those personal finance savvy is to finally reach total financial independence wherein you never have to worry what tomorrow will bring in terms of your finances. This can only be achieved if you take care of your money.


With the above being said and explained, let’s move on to the sure ways you can save money according to the book Your Money or Your Life.





101 Sure Ways to Save Money From Your Money or Your Life Book

Same as how it is written in the book, the saving tips are arranged per category. Below are mere excerpts from the book Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez.


How to Save Money on Interest Payments and Financial Charges

1. Pay off your credit cards.

2. Eliminate all but one credit card for emergencies and stop paying for unnecessary annual fees.

3. Pay cash for all your purchases, even major ones like your car.

4. Pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible

5. If your bank offers free checking or waive service fee in exchange for maintaining a minimum balance, don’t draw the account below the minimum.

6. Don’t bounce checks.

How to Save Money on Transportation Costs

7. Pay off your credit cards.

8. Asses whether or not you really need that extra car. You might want to eliminate it and save on gas, oil, maintenance, repairs, parking, insurance, licensing and fines.

9. Walk to do local errands whenever possible. Use public transportation.

10. Keep an auto log.

11. Learn basic automotive maintenance

12. Shop around for a reliable and reasonable mechanic – before you need one.

13. Acquire needed auto parts yourself after comparing prices by phone. If needed, have a mechanic install them.

14. Do regular maintenance (or have it done) so that breakdowns are less likely.

15. Carpool to work.

16. Telecommute to work – that is, work at home if possible.

17. Select your home and job so that they are within walking distance of each other.

18. Go to a four-day, ten-hour-per-day workweek.

19. Bicycle when and where you can.

20. Check out insurance rates for the new car(s) you’re considering buying – some models make higher rates than others and give no better service or mileage.

21. Repair and keep an older car than buying a new one. This saves on insurance too.

22. Consolidate your errands to reduce the amount you drive.


How to Save Money on Medical Costs

23. Consider getting major medical insurance with a $1000 or more deductible.

24. Comparison-shop for prescription drugs, blood tests, X-rays and other procedures.

25. Many doctors have privileges (can see patients) at several different hospitals – find out which ones your doctor can use and comparison-shop for the lowest cost.

26. Eat a proper diet.

27. Get proper exercise

28. Maintain a proper attitude.

29. Reduce stress.

30. Stop smoking cigarettes.

31. Get proper rest.

32. If you are over the medically established healthy level for your body type, lose weight.


How to Save Money on Your Living Circumstances


33. If you have a vacation home, rent it out when you aren’t using it.

34. Rent houses that aren’t for rent.

35. Try house-sitting.

36. Rent out unused space in your home.

37. Explore living in an intentional community.

38. Move to a less expensive area.

39. Sell your house and live in a motor home.

40. Buy a piece of land and put a used mobile home on it.

41. Do your own home repairs.


How to Save Money by Sharing

42. Start a neighborhood tool and skill swap.

43. Trade clothes with friends who wear the same size.

44. Or trade clothes with yourself – in the future.

45. Swap services – “haircuts for health care.”

46. Join a baby-sitting cooperative.

47. Borrow books and magazines from the library instead of buying them.

48. Share magazine subscriptions with a friend.

49. Network. Let your friends and family know what you need.



How to Save Money by Shopping

50. Know the prices.

51. Make a list and stick to it before shopping.

52. Clip coupons.

53. Do one big shopping every seven to ten days, rather than making several smaller trips.

54. Make up menus ahead of time for the seven to ten days you’re shopping for, basing meals on what foods are on sale.

55. Comparison-shop, using newspaper ads and weekly grocery-store flyers.

56. Buy in bulk frequently used staples such as flour, grains and spices.

57. Educate yourself as to what foods are in season and therefore cheaper.

58. Buy in larger quantity of food that are on sale – canned goods especially, but also meat if you have freezer space.

59. Be aware of where each grocery store puts out items that are reduced for quick sale.

60. If you have a garden to provide some of your vegetables, be frugal; grow the vegetables which give you the maximum savings for the minimum space and effort.

61. Be resourceful. If you should run low on an item before the next scheduled shopping trip, improvise with what’s on hand instead of running out the store.

62. Form a bulk-buying co-op with friends and neighbors.

63. Cut one (or more) meat meals per week and substitute a bean or pasta dish instead.

64. Buy from outdoor markets and local produce stands.

65. Know the character of your local markets and the kind of loss leaders you’ll find at each one.

66. Bring your own shopping bags.

67. Avoid convenience foods.


How to Save Money on Vacation

68. Relax closer to home.

69. Buy airline tickets well in advance.

70. Take advantage of the lower prices available when you fly mid-week and stay over a weekend.

71. Be your own travel agent.

72. Take a camping vacation.

73. Try a volunteer vacation that is in alignment with your values and purpose.


How to Save Money on Entertaining and Dating

74. Have potlucks rather than dinner parties.

75. Invite friends to share a meal, but don’t prepare anything different from your normal fare.

76. Invite friends to come for dessert and to share movie or documentary that’s meaningful to you. Have a discussion afterward.

77. Have a progressive dinner party.

78. Go to inexpensive cinemas for movies when you just can’t wait for them to come out on video.

79. If you’re a theater buff, usher at the local theater.

80. Borrow CDs, audiocassettes, and videotapes from the library.

81. Cut back on dining out until it’s a treat again.

82. Write letters instead of making long-distance phone calls.

83. And remember, the nicest part of dating doesn’t cost money.

How to Save Money on Hobbies

84. Develop hobbies that are truly cost-effective in eliminating spending.

85. Select hobbies that don’t require you to travel long distances.

86. Select hobbies that you don’t have tp buy equipment to enjoy.

87. Make a hobby out of service, or make service your hobby.

88. Select or alter hobbies to eliminate membership fees for expensive clubs, spas etc.


How to Save Money on Insurance

89. Evaluate the current blue-book value or condition of your car.

90. Insure heirlooms that are hard to replace if stolen.

91. Take some time to ponder your life-insurance situation.

How to Save Money on Children

92. Substitute creativity for money in planning for birthday parties and Halloween costumes.

93. Give kids an allowance and allow them to choose how they spend it.

94. Curb your own spending and your kids will follow suit.

95. If the child doesn’t have an allowance and asks for something, suggest that you talk about it again in a few days.

96. Rethink a high-cost college education.


How to Save Money on Gifts

97. Promise children one, or at most three toys at Christmas and have them select the ones they want. More than that is more than enough.

98. Buy gifts at garage sales and save them for the right occasion.

99. Give services (like a massage, baby-sitting, a personal concert or hedge-clipping) instead of an object.

100. Make an agreement with friends and family not to exchange presents for Christmas or birthdays.

101. If you’re “crafty,” you can make simple and unique gifts.



Final Notes from SavingsPinay

Now more than ever is the best time to save money. If you’ve been procrastinating on your financial situation then you might want to think again. Saving money is more than just having a reserve amount. It means prioritizing yourself!

Clariza Glino

Izza of SavingsPinay helps Filipinos bridge the financial literacy gap one content at a time by providing insights and tips on budgeting, saving, investing, side hustle and growing your net worth. Aside from this blog she also writes at, a beauty and lifestyle blog for frugal Pinays and manages,, a wedding and event business since 2011. For inquiries, topic suggestions or future collaborations email her at

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