10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time

October 6, 2015

I want to be honest that I, too, fail in living my life intentionally. It feels like day to day challenge being able to lie up to the expectation of others. You wanted to be the productive you but the more you show that you can succeed in a task, the more people in your surround will depend on you.

But instead of “magmukmok” in the sad reality of being an employee, encourage everyone to be a better version of themselves everyday. Survive each new day by making the most of it. 
I would like to share the 10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time that I try to accomplish as much as possible. Hope you can join me in this journey to productive living.

1. Become a Morning Person.  
This first one can be the hardest out of the list but it can give the most significant  change in how you deal with your day. Having a couple of extra hours to have coffee, do morning devotional or work out will surely make you feel productive and energized throughout the day. For tips on how to become an early riser you can read this post

2. Plan your day. 
It only takes 10-15 minutes to create a to do list and you will be surprised how it can revolutionize your day. I use my bullet journal to list down my plans for the day from my to do’s to the events or meetings that I have to attend. Try to be as specific as possible in planning your day.

3. Stop multitasking. 
Have a clear focus on what you will do first. Don’t open too much tab in your laptop and try to stay away from your phone so you won’t get easily distracted. Use a timer when you are doing a task so you can measure how much it time takes to finish plus it can also make you stay focused.

4. Do the difficult tasks first.  
Tasks that are difficult, time-bound and considered priority should be dealt first things first when you have all the energy to do so. Stay away from tasks that doesn’t go well with your goals. Accomplishing the biggest task will give you so much motivation to achieve more.

5. Rest Well.  
Don’t overdo yourself and listen to your body. If you feel really sleepy then have that much needed rest. Remember that you only have one life to live so if you don’t take care of your body then you will suffer the consequences later on. 

6. Learn to Delegate.  
There are tasks that you can give to someone else. Don’t be afraid to let others do things for you especially if the task is too hard. Look for help and show gratitude for those who have extended their aid.

7. Exercise. 
Studies suggest the people who exercise are more likely to live a happier and better day. It helps in making you productive plus makes you way healthier.

8. Do Things with Love. 
Treat each task as an opportunity to show off your talent and your skills. Expand what you know and develop the hobbies that you love and try do things with love. 

9.  Set goals.  
Set goals for everything and almost anything that you do. Set goals in things you want to do before 2015 ends, set goals in 5 years, 10 years or 15 years from now. Smart goals will bring you one step closer to your dreams. 

10. Feed your Mind, Heart Soul.  
Find time each day to feed your mind, your heart  and your soul. Read a book, talk to a friend and make time to have a morning devotional or an evening bible reading can give you so much hope and faith for tomorrow. 

I hope that the above list helped you!
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